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So tonight at Junior High it was me, Intern S, and about seven or eight girls.

It was fun.

We swam and hung out in the hot tub (which got a little awkward for S, but he lived through it!) and ate food and had a quick little lesson.

It was good.

Our theme this summer is love, and S brought up the book 316, and John 3:16 in general, all about love.

He started out (before the love stuff) by asking if anybody had anything they wanted to share about what God’s been showing them lately.

One girl brought up expectations, and that we shouldn’t expect everything to go perfectly. S pointed out that we might not think it’s perfect, and it’s not your plan, but it’s God’s plan. (Romans 8:28, anyone?)

And then the radio said something about love, and that’s how the love thing got started.

Since it was all girls, S decided to tailor his lesson specifically to girls and wanting to find love and stuff.

It was really good.

He tied John 3:16 in really well—God loves us SO MUCH, and no person and no thing on Earth is going to fulfill your desires the way God will. 

He talked about how we need to get into the Bible (something I don’t do enough…) and understand God and love Him (that’s paraphrasing, but I didn’t write down the whole point and I can’t remember it).

I agreed with everything he brought up. I nodded pretty much the entire few minutes he was talking.

After the lesson (and a prayer, which was great), S and I had a brief little talk about how we hope the girls understood, but we figure they won’t just yet. They’re 12-14 years old. They won’t quite fully understand just yet.

I told him that it’s something that I still struggle with. I didn’t go into more detail than that, but he seemed to understand what I meant.

Tonight reminded me of More Beautiful You, Because, and Song of Songs 2:2 & 4:7.

It was fun.

We hung out in the hot tub (as I said before).

We were all in the pool for a little while, and then two of the girls and S and I decided we were going to warm up in the hot tub (because the air was cold!). So we hung out in the hot tub and then everybody else squished in with us. It got a little crowded and awkward (esp for S, because they’re so much much younger and all…), but it was fun.

And then it was just the four of us again because the other girls decided to go back in the pool or get food.

Then it was just me and S for a couple of minutes because the two decided to go get back in the pool or something. We talked about some random stuff (including how my sister apparently hates his girlfriend because she’s so peppy and friendly, and our siblings and stuff) and then got out to eat food and do the lesson.

So it was good.

What was ironic about this was the fact that before we left church, while we were just hanging out waiting to see if anybody else was going to show, S and I talked about our siblings. His younger brother used to date my younger sister, and still hangs out at our house a lot. S brought up that it was strange to think we were connected in that way. And then when I got home, his brother was here.

So that was weird.

But kind of funny.

While the girls were in the hot tub as well, tanning and sunburn and Bible camp and height and things like that were brought up.

It was fun! We talked about the girls’ trips to camp, and how I can’t tan but instead burn, and how some of us super short and some of us are really tall, and things like that. It was fun random conversation stuff.

We don’t have youth group for a couple of weeks because a lot of our leaders and students are going to Ecuador on a mission trip. Including the youth pastor and like half of the senior high group.

S and I could maybe handle the Junior Highers (because the youngest person going is I think a high school freshman or sophomore), but I guess the youth pastor figured it was easier just to cancel things for a couple of weeks. =\

Oh well. It gives me some time to think and prepare and relax, I guess.

And I just watched Surprise Homecoming and one of the soldiers said that life isn’t about material things, but about memories. You go, dude! Thank you for that reminder!