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Earlier this afternoon, I had a thought.

I remembered this line from a song we sing at church called Hope in God:

When my enemies rise up against me, I will remember to stand and say, “Why so downcast, oh my soul? Put your hope in God!”

The song was inspired by parts of Psalm 42.

A while back, I shared this part of the song with a friend of mine, who replied with something about how enemies don’t scare them.

I wanted to reply with something other than what I did, but I didn’t…

Anyway, what I wanted to remind this person of was that “enemies” are not just people.

Enemies can be thoughts, feelings, attitudes… Not just people.

Remember how I’ve said that I’ve heard that for every one negative comment, it takes at least 8 or 10 positives to combat it?

Those negatives are enemies.

Today I had a couple of negative-ish thoughts about youth group this evening.

It’s just me and the intern. This is going to be weird.
The intern is my sister’s former boyfriend’s older brother.
What if we only have like two kids show up?
What if I don’t “chaperone” properly?

And then I realized that the youth pastor would not have kept tonight “on” if he wasn’t sure that Intern and I could handle things.

We’ll be fine.

I will go swimming and listen to Intern and laugh with (and at??) students and have fun and learn things. And it will be fine, and I will have a good night.

I’m being allowed to leave work (for which I need to prepare and leave in the next 20 minutes) about 15 minutes early so that I can get to church on time.

It’s going to be a good night.

I will share some of what happened and what I learned later tonight or tomorrow. Promise!