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Flawless Friday!

All right, so yesterday I mentioned tattoos in my post. Because it was on the list of questions.

If you asked most of my friends and family if I were to ever get a tattoo, they’d probably laugh and say something like, “Never in a million years.”

A couple of them might say “Maybe” or something.

But most people who know me would probably say that I’d never get a tattoo, because I don’t seem like that kind of person, I guess?

I hate needles. (Seriously. I have to get a shot today and I’m trying not to think about it. That last time I got a shot or had blood drawn, I cried before they even stuck me. And that was like two years ago. This is why I haven’t started giving blood yet, even though my dad offers to let me come with him when he gives.)

One time at church, I was talking to some people from youth group and somehow tattoos came up. One of the leaders (a guy who has several tattoos; his wife has at least two, I noticed recently) commented on me getting a tattoo, and started laughing at the notion of me showing up with a sleeve of them.

No, that’s not happening. I’m not going to cover every inch of myself in tattoos, thanks.

But I’ve been thinking about getting at least one.

I shared one version of it yesterday:

But I’ve recently decided that since I hate needles, perhaps I should get rid of all of that shading so that A) not as much pain and B) maybe not as much money?

So then we get something like this:

And since I can’t draw a sunflower to save my life except for the one time I did in the previous picture, imagine there’s a sunflower attached to the C.

Or I could just do this:

That works, right? Kind of?

Okay, good.

So I should probably tell you the significance of this.

  • MC — my best friend’s initials.
  • the heart with the cross inside is because she loved Jesus.
  • 1991 was the year she was born; 2008 the year she died
  • the sunflower with six petals represents the year we met—6th grade
  • the sunflower itself represents her. Her uncle (who’s a science teach or something) gave this awesome little speech at her funeral about sunflowers, and how they always face the sun—hence their name. They turn away from the darkness and search for sunshine. This is how M was, always looking for Jesus (the Son, the Light, etc).
So that’s that.
There are a couple other ideas I’ve had in the last year or two as well.
This one was inspired by TWLOHA, To Write Love on Her Arms.
  • Jesus=love
  • 13:4-7 is for 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, the Love Passage, because that’s what true love is to me
This is supposed to be a butterfly.
I got the idea partly from the girl I sat next to in History class who would sometimes draw butterflies, and partly from TWLOHA-ish thing that I read about: The Butterfly Projectย (you can Google it too). TBP is something that someone started for cutters—if you know somehow who cuts, or if you cut, you draw a butterfly on their/your arm and tell them/yourself they/you can’t cut until the butterfly has completely faded. I read about one person who loved the idea so much that she got a butterfly tattooed on her wrist to remind herself not to cut.
I was doodling butterflies one day and started out drawing them like connected hearts, but that didn’t look very cool, and they looked more like dragonflies than butterflies. So then I experimented and got this. I think I might’ve been messing around with the letter B as well…
I’ve also been considering getting DFTBA somewhere: Don’t Forget To Be Awesome.
It’s a Nerdfighter thing.
Anyway. So those are my ideas.
I know that a lot of Christians (maybe older ones, or stricter ones) believe that tattoos and piercings are not Biblical, but you know what?


I know that my body is a temple, and that I should honor God with what I do to it.

But I also found this interesting—and this one.

And also, Rebekah in the Bible (Isaac’s wife) wore a nose ring. So it’s not like it wasn’t around then.

I don’t have pierced ears. In our house, it was “When you turn 13, you can get your ears pierced if you want to.” I didn’t. My sister did, pretty much the moment she hit 13.

I don’t have my ears pierced and I’m considering a tattoo.ย What?
I don’t really know what to think.
I feel like it depends partly on your motives. Like, if you’re doing something to be noticed and are super-selfish about stuff, you should probably think again. But if you’re doing something to allow yourself to share Jesus in a different way, maybe it’s okay?
I know this might not be the best example, but when my dad was young, “rock” music was considered evil. There were a few Christian rock bands/musicians (Larry Norman, anyone?), though, and I think my dad listened to them. I’ve listened to some of his Larry Norman songs and kind of like them. It’s not the style, it’s the message. That has been my opinion since like 6th grade when I realized that I could apply part of Sk8r Boi to some people’s walk with God.
I listen to a bit of rock and rap, but I listen to “Christian” artists who talk about Jesus or love or things that I agree with. My family listens to radio stations that I don’t really care for, so if I switch cars with one of them, I change the radio station to stuff I enjoy.
Different people respond to different styles and sounds. We’re all unique and have our own preferences. Bands have figured this out. Not everyone enjoys slow, mellow songs and/or hymns. Some people prefer faster, louder music.
Personally, as long as the artist is singing about Jesus or something related to Him (as opposed to sex and drugs and crap like that), I’ll probably listen to them. I have a variety of artists and styles on my iPod. That includes raps by Tobymac, slower songs by The Glorious Unseen, and stuff by Skillet. Depending on the day, and how I’m feeling, I might only listen to certain songs. That’s okay. What I care about is the message,ย and how the band/artist is sharing Jesus.
Does that make sense?
I know other people probably have other ideas, but these are mine.