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My sister is going on a church mission trip starting tomorrow.

They leave church at 6:30 am. Their flight leaves sometime after 11am.

They’re going to Ecuador.

Specifically, Quito, Santo Domingo and I believe also Guayaquil.

They’re going to be hanging out with children and teenagers.

They’re going to be traveling some crazy roads.

They’re going to be in pretty close quarters.

They may get sick of each other at certain points.

They may be broken. (As in, emotionally or spiritually. But also possibly physically.)

They may learn new things about each other.

They are definitely going to make new friends.

They are definitely going to be challenged.

Please pray.

For safe travel.

For health.

For relationships.

For sanity, especially for the leaders.

For determination.

For faith.

For love.

For the Gospel to be shared in unique ways.

And for patience and flexibility, because not everything is going to go the way some of our team will want it to.

Just… for everything, I guess.

Until July 29th.

When you think of it.

Please and thank you!