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That was yesterday’s sermon title—or rather, the whole title is Show Me The Big Picture.

We had a guest speaker (same guy as one Sunday in October, from Camp).

Our worship pastor introduced him as a good friend, and tied in Proverbs 18:24, because that’s how he feels about this guy. (By the way, they share a first name! :))

Then our guest speaker got up and made a joke about his wife calling the wrong B. It made most of us laugh.

He spoke about Colossians, how Paul tells the church at Colossi that he thinks of them often and is always thankful when he prays for them.

He spoke about Michaelangelo, how he took two years to paint the Sistine Chapel, and how he started over on one corner. Someone asked him why (after all, no one would know!), and he answered that it was because he would know.

He spoke about Jesus’s ascension, how before He ascended, He didn’t tell them all the tiny details of how to carry out His Commission—the Big Picture is crucial if we’re going to make our mark here on Earth.

The rest of this is going to be kind of just what I wrote down, with maybe a little explanation after in parentheses or something.

Growth from gratitude

Psalm 130



us-present, impatience — White Castle (He talked about how we seem to think more about the present, and instant gratification. “White Castle” referenced the restaurant. He stopped at one that had super-long lines because it was relatively new, and people were leaving without buying anything because it was at least a 20-minute wait. When he got to the front and got to order, the manager said they were going through 1000 burgers in an hour. Wow.)

we love only those who are easy to love

Growth knowledge of God’s will –> live worthy of the Lord ; please Him, bear fruit, grow in knowledge –> He wants it ALL

grant us endurance, patience, thanksgiving

God doesn’t play favorites

10/31/10 last time ; PD expectation of transformation @ church –> Camp?? (Okay, so this one needs to be explained. October 31st 2010 was the last time B was here to speak, and he and our pastor (PD) were talking after/between services about how we send our kids to camp expecting that they’ll be impacted and transformed. PD asked why we don’t always seem to have that same expectation with our churches. That impacted B a lot, which is why he’s got that date posted on his office wall at Camp.)

He talked about the 1st week of Camp, how Satan attacked worse than ever before. By dinner Monday night, it was ridiculous. Basically, the drama centered around two girls who didn’t want to be at Camp. Long story short, they were “forced” to stay at Camp (the parents didn’t want them home just yet, because Camp would be good for them) and by U-Turn Night  (Tuesday. It was always Thursday when I was there, but they’ve changed it to the beginning of the week because they want to be able to talk to kids about their decisions and stuff.), everyone was affected by the experience—they set up stations and the lights were down and all you could hear were nails pounding into the cross and the occasional sniffle. Then the next morning, chapel, which usually goes from 10:30 to 11:30, lasted an extra hour and a half. The speaker was in-tune with what God was doing (apparently) and only spoke for like five minutes and then opened up the rest of the chapel time for students to share. The two girls who were giving them problems got up and the one barely said anything before she started bawling. The other one took over and just said, “This week… God showed up.”

The weekend of Fourth of July during Family Camp, they did something a little different for Communion (I think it was different; I don’t know), where after the speaker spoke and told in graphic detail about the Last Supper (placement of people, all of that), they had four stations where one person would hold out the bread and the other the cup. Mr. B said that one woman in his line was having a hard weekend, and she told him later that when he told her his line, “The blood of Christ, poured out for you” (or whatever it was), she heard God say that He was crying with her. Through B’s broken voice as he gave her the cup, God spoke to this woman.

Then he heard staff complaining that God hadn’t shown up at all the last week or two. He joined them at Devos that morning or the next morning and pretty much scolded them for their pity party. He told them that the fact that God wasn’t showing up as obviously as he had that first week didn’t mean He wasn’t still working.

I was surprised by the staff’s thought process—God’s always working, whether you can obviously tell that He is or not!

So that was the sermon.

Then last night (er, early this morning) I read through my Max Lucado Grace for the Moment devotional. The passage was fitting for a Sunday morning—it talked about praise, and raising hands. Lifting Heart and Hands:

The whole purpose of coming before the King is to praise him, to live in recognition of his splendor. Praise—lifting up our hearts and hands, exulting with our voices, singing his praises—is the occupation of those who dwell in the kingdom.
Praise is the highest occupation of  any being. What happens when we praise the Father? We reestablish the proper chain of command; we recognize that the King is on the throne and that he has saved his people.

Today’s was What Size is God. Part of it was my Facebook status this morning:

Facebook status: Lucado

I thought that was just so neat. God’s timing never ceases to amaze me!


Remember my comment in this post (was that really my most recent post? Oops!) about how I was expecting a CD?

It came today!

I can’t stop listening to Hank’s “Shake-A-Booty.” It’s catchy. 🙂

Hopefully the Jonny Diaz CD I ordered around the same time as I ordered Hank’s CD gets here soon!! 🙂