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So today I found out via email about an awesome opportunity during January of 2012, AKA J-Term or Interim. Not all schools do J-Terms, but the school to which I am transferring does.

Anyway, so there’s this great trip to the Middle East that I think would be super-awesome to go on, and apparently as of last week there were still some spots available. I don’t know how many, but I know that they’re only taking about 15 students so… it’s not a very big trip.

Anyway, so I think it would be awesome to go to Egypt and Isreal for like two weeks and learn more about Christianity and Islam and all of that.

Here’s my dilemma:

I’m not sure if it’s full by now.

I’m not sure I can even make it work with my schedule.

Because I’m transferring in, I haven’t taken any of the prerequisite courses.

If I really really truly want to go and am willing to fork over $4000 (a little over, actually), I’ll probably have to completely rearrange my schedule.

The class has almost nothing to do with my major. It’s more of a probably-a-once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity to do a little sight-seeing, a lot of learning, most likely some bonding with my fellow students, and learn more about Christianity and Islam.

Oh, and about my schedule?

My Tuesdays and Thursdays this fall are packed.

See for yourself:

Fall 2011

I’m hoping to get out of the Math class and into something else like a French or a Writing or maybe a Literature class.

“Intro to School” is actually Intro to Life at this school. It’s a forty-minute class twice a week that I thought would be helpful for me as a transfer student. Meet people, learn more about the school, that kind of stuff. I think it’s only for half the semester, although the dates that the registration lady gave me have it going all semester… Whatever.

Notice that I have ten minutes to get from class to class.

My classes are all in different buildings.

Granted, they’re all in the same general area in the center of campus, and I think they’re all connected, but still. Ten minutes between classes. I’m pretty much in class all day. Ten AM to 2 PM, essentially. I’ll have to pack a lunch to eat in class or something. Eep.

Here’s a super-rough sketch of what my day will look like:

Crappy Campus Sketch πŸ™‚

By the way, that middle class, the Communications one, the professor is actually my adviser. So that’s good. She’s a nice lady. πŸ™‚ Maybe she won’t mind me eating in class… Haha. πŸ™‚

And I’m sure professors don’t mind if you’re a little bit late, but still. I’ve always been early to classes. Always. In fact, half the time I was the first one in the room in junior high and high school. We had like five minutes between classes in junior high, and eight in high school. Of course, our high school has two floors, so I suppose they kind of had to make sure kids had enough time to potentially go from one side of the first floor to the opposite side of the second floor, or whatever. And still kids were late because they’d all gather in the commons (the area by the office and cafeteria) and talk. By Sophomore year, most of us had learned to just carry our backpacks with us to classes instead of trying to run to our lockers between classes.

Anyway, so that’s my college stuff. I’ve emailed both the professor in charge of the trip I think would be cool and the transfer guy my mom’s been talking to for the last year and a half just to touch base with both of them about trying to make the trip work.

I know that there are plenty of opportunities throughout the school year(s) to go on trips—sometimes there’ll be a trip over Spring Break or in the summer time. Maybe this trip will be offered January 2013 too; who knows.Β I know that there’s one around Europe this fall. That would be neat, but unfortunately because I’m transferring I won’t be able to make that one work. And I think it’s only offered every other year. But I’m sure I’ll find some other trip(s) to go on. Maybe they won’t be as long or as expensive… Haha.

So I’m thinking about this Middle East trip. I’m worried about a lot of things, like classes and money and travel and all of that. On the one hand, if the prof says I’m okay to go, I might decide not to. On the other hand, if they say I can’t go, I might be super-disappointed.

I don’t know what to do.

I’d like to go, but I don’t think I can make it work.

I almost don’t want to go because
A) there are other opportunities
and B) it’s SO SOON!!

Maybe I should just not go and wait until Spring Break or next January to go somewhere.

I’ll be able to save more money that way, for one thing… And I’ll be able to get more classes out of the way so that I can or will have taken prerequisites.

I’d really like to go, but I don’t have to.

You know?

I don’t know. It’s weird. I’ll figure it out.

I just wanted to vent a little.

…Um. Here! Here’s a picture of what it looks like behind my house right now:


We ripped out the concrete slab behind our house/garage last weekend because it’s contributing to our water problems. Now it’s all pebbles and dirt and stuff until my parents figure out what they’re going to put in its place.