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I got responses back from both people I emailed about the January school trip, and they told me this:

  1. I am eligible.
    a. There is only one prerequisite according to the professor, not the multiple ones I thought there were.
    b. My credits make me exempt from said prerequisite course.
  2. There is still room.
  3. There is a meeting during the first week of school about the trip.
I’ve been thinking about it, and talking about with a friend (admittedly I have not really prayed about it; oops!!) and I came up with this list:
  1. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, probably. At least, it’s a once-in-my-school-career opportunity.
  2. It’s Egypt and Israel. Jesus lived in Israel. I will most likely be in many of the same spots Jesus was.
  3. We’ll be studying both Christianity and Islam.
  4. The description says historical readings AND READINGS FROM THE QU’RAN! I’ve been wanting to check out the Qu-ran for a while now. …Plus other assigned literary works. You know. It’s a Literature course thing.
  5. We’ll meet Christians who live in traditionally/mostly Islamic areas.
  6. AND we’ll meet Westerners who live in both countries and see how relationships with people work and whatever.
I’m at least going to go to the meeting, if not sign up for the trip.
I’m thinking I’ll probably go. It would be an incredible experience.
Speaking of experience, I move in at school in just over three weeks.
If I’d bothered to read yesterday’s Max Lucado devo yesterday, I might have been a little less afraid. It was about trusting Christ, essentially.
Today’s was on fear.
They came at just the right time.
I’m nervous about moving in.
But at least my roommates seem really nice and I don’t have to worry about bringing much extra stuff—they’ve got it pretty much covered. That’s a plus. 🙂