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So this will be super-short because I need to go to bed so that I can get up for work in the morning, but…


They’re boarding their plane in Quito probably as I type this, or getting ready to board, or sitting down on the plane.

I noticed several Facebook Mobile updates from them tonight, which reminded me that their flight is at like 11 or so.

So they’re on their way home!

They land in Atlanta in like 5 hours (hope they can all sleep on planes or in airports!!) and then will be back in Minnesota by about noon tomorrow. They probably won’t get back to town until maybe 3 or 4—maybe I’ll swing by church on my way home from work and see if they’re still there…

I’m excited to see them all again!

Church has been boring without them.

The first and second rows have been super empty. 😦 In fact, last week I was the only one in the front row!

But anyway, so they’re coming home tonight after having been gone for over a week.

They’ve experienced a lot, and learned a lot, and met a lot of people.

They’re probably tired, but also happy to be coming home, along with being sad to leave the friends they’ve made.

Pray for safe travels and possibly naps on the plan or in ATL?

Please and thank you!! 😀