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They’re home.

My sister called this morning (at 6:30!) and my mom talked to her. Because I was trying to sleep.

My mom said it sounded like they might have been leaving and getting home earlier than originally planned.

So I walked in the door after work and said hello to my parents…

and then got this mass of gray stuff tossed in my face from behind a corner.

Turns out my sister bought me an alpaca-fur sweater!

It’s so pretty and fuzzy and comfy… It’ll be perfect for fall and winter. πŸ˜€

So I said hello to the sister and had to give her a hug for the sweater and looked at pictures. She didn’t take as many as I know I would have, but they were fun to see anyway. And I’m sure there will be a lot of them on other peoples’ cameras too, and in a few weeks when they do Ecuador Sunday there will most likely be a slideshow.

So they’re home and safe and happy and brought gifts.

I’m not going to lie, being an only child for ten days was kind of cool. granted, my sister is rarely ever home anyway, but still.

To be completely honest, I really didn’t think about her all that much. I prayed a few times when it popped into my head, but … other than that, nothing really.

Is that bad? =\

So… yeah.

Now we’re getting ready to eat (sweet corn!! YUM!) and probably hang out and do nothing for the night. I’ll probably end up watching cartoons on YouTube.

Since posting this, I have started re-watching Sailor Moon, W.I.T.C.H, and Winx Club.

What can I say? I like cartoons about girls with super powers. Haha. πŸ™‚

I haven’t watched much of W.I.T.C.H, but in the last couple of days, I’ve gone through over 80 episodes of Sailor Moon (PLUS all three movies!) and season one of Winx Club, plus maybe 12 or 13 or so episodes of season two?

I really don’t have a life. ^^;

But tomorrow I’m going out to lunch after church and then swimming with K and H!! πŸ˜€ And possibly (depending on what time I get home from that) going shopping with my mom for some school stuff.

Just over three weeks ’til I move in!!