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So yesterday after church I went out with H and K.

K and I met up with H at a lake near K’s house, where we spent a couple of hours swimming—or rather, walking in the water and chatting…

But it was fun.

And K texted her dad about bringing his boat and their inner-tube for us to go tubing, which we did.

It was fun!

I almost fell out of the tube several times, but managed to hang on.

Unfortunately, I ended up with major sunburn.

I put on sunscreen, but I think I might have put it on too late in relation to when we start swimming. Like, I didn’t give it enough time to absorb or something.

Also it might not have been a high enough SPF. Oops.

My sunburn is so bad that I had trouble finding a comfortable way to sleep last night.

I’ve tried a couple of home remedies, but it’s still kinda painful. 😦

If anybody has any easy, relatively cheap ways to treat sunburn, I’m all ears!

Unfortunately, I think my bulletin with my sermon notes got thrown away. Major sadface. I remember a lot of the sermon, but I’ll have to wait until it’s gone up online to get the whole thing.

Junior High youth group stuff tomorrow night! 😀 We haven’t had it in two weeks; I’m excited to see the kids again!