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…and my sunburn is peeling.

And it is not pleasant.

Nor is it pretty.

My coworker told me to go someplace and get a cream/lotion to help with the burn and the peeling.

I’m probably going to do that tomorrow.

And also make a hair appointment, because I need to get my hair cut before I go to school.

And also maybe buy a skirt.

I own one skirt, and two dresses.

I rarely wear them.

But for this wedding, I don’t want to wear pants or heavy fabrics because… it’s August. In Minnesota.

Although, check out this forecast:


It’s supposed to rain up north on Saturday.

Maybe I will wear pants…

But I’m still going out to check out this new-ish place that my friend E manages. Because everything is CHEAP. Literally, stuff starts at a dollar. A DOLLAR. It’s like the clothing version of the Dollar Store.

Soyeah. I’m going out for a couple of hours at least tomorrow.

And then again with my mom tomorrow night, possibly. For some school stuff.

At this point, I might just stick with the skirt or dresses that I do have. I don’t think I want to try stuff on when I’ve got skin peeling off of my shoulders. =\

But I’m at least going to look.

Only problem is that I hate shopping, at least by myself, because I kind of need opinions from other people before I buy new clothing. I have this thing where I think almost nothing looks “good” on me, which is probably ridiculous.

So anyway. I’m going to try to find something to wear to this wedding that won’t hurt my shoulders much…

Wish me luck…? 🙂

Also, my mom told me I could bring my laptop on the ride to the wedding. Because it is a five-hour drive. So if anybody wants to send me anything entertaining, feel free to comment or email or whatever! 🙂

Oh, and do you want to know something? I’ve debated sharing this, but I’ve decided I might as well.

I have two Tumblrs and two Twitters.

A personal Twitter, a personal Tumblr (which is full of random stuff), and a blog Tumblr (which I’m not on much) and a blog Twitter.

So yeah. You can check those out if you want.

I’ve been thinking about combining them, but… I don’t know. I think I’ll keep them separate, at least for a while. Some of the stuff doesn’t really connect very well, you know? But you can check it all out anyway. Get a better glimpse into my life. Because I update my Tumblr a lot. A lot, a lot. Like… yeah, you don’t even know. You will.

It’s not that much different from blogging—I’m meeting new people on Tumblr too! It’s fun. If you’ve got a Tumblr or a Twitter, feel free to add/follow me!

Although I follow some of the same people on both Twitters… But yeah. I’ve been thinking about sharing that for a while, and decided I might as well. I’ve shared photos of myself and some of my interests and things like that on the blog, so I figured it wouldn’t really matter. But I do post and reblog and like a lot of stuff on Tumblr. Today I realized that I have over 100 pages of stuff on my personal Tumblr. Um.

I’ve also been thinking about being a bit more specific about school stuff now. Not names and stuff (I’ll still use initials, or maybe nicknames), but at least where I’m going and some of the stuff I’m doing and stuff like that. Because by now I know all handful of my regular readers and commenters and that they are not scary stalkers who will reveal my location to other creepy people.



And also, I might be starting to “vlog” after I settle in at school. I’ll have to do one-takes with my little camera or my webcam, but I’m told it works. That account is the same as my Tumblr and Twitters, just without the hyphen because that’s apparently not allowed in YT handles. So, youtube.com/blynninja.

I’ll share the story behind the name eventually. For now, I need to end this because it’s a jumble of stuff and I’m tired and should probably head for bed soon.