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here’s today’s Love Bomb mission!

Straight from Miss Katie’s email:

Happy day before Friday, Team!

This week’s mission is going out to a very special little girl named Grace. Grace is just over 4 months old, and the last four months have been…we’ll say challenging. Our team member Heidi (who we actually Love Bombed a few months ago!)  nominated little Grace and here’s what she had to say:


”  Baby Grace will be undergoing Open Heart Surgery next Tuesday. I would love for her family to benefit from an outrageous outpouring of love, for them to feel the prayers of so many people surrounding them and uplifting them, to see the hand of God reaching down to comfort them through the generosity of people they don’t even know.  There aren’t words for how much all of the kind words, prayers and thoughts meant to my family or for how much they strengthened us in what was surely one of our darkest hours.”

As you’ll see from the photos on her family’s blog, Grace is just too cute for words. Not that any baby going through Open Heart Surgery isn’t deserving of our Love, but just….just look at that face. Let’s drop this Love Bomb on Baby Grace, giving her the good vibes, strength and encouragement she needs to get through this surgery.

Here’s the blog post we’re going to drop the Love Bomb on:  http://talesfromgraceland.blogspot.com/2011/08/lessons-of-heart.html
And a 1, and a 2, and a 1, 2, 3, 4….LOVE BOMB!     *Air Guitar Solo*


I dropped my message a few minutes ago. Now it’s your turn! Stop by and leave Grace’s family some love, won’t you?