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Tuesday after work I went to a goodbye party for a woman who has become a very close friend. She was my small group leader at church for about three years in high school, and we co-led the freshmen girls’ group this last year. She has been an amazing influence in my life, and I’m sad to see her leave.

She’s moving across the country to be closer to her kids.

She’s not leaving yet—not ’til Labor Day or so—and I’ll see her on Sunday, but it’s still hard to say goodbye.

I’ve known her for … what, five years? Maybe a bit longer? And I’ve spent a lot of Wednesdays and Sundays with her. Lots of time. We’ve grown pretty close.

I will most certainly miss her.

I don’t like saying goodbye to people.

In fact, I have this thing about saying “goodbye.” I think it maybe stems from Peter Pan.


**Note: I don’t necessarily agree that “goodbye” means forever and forgetting. Peter apparently did. I just don’t always like saying goodbye because it feels so… final.**

On Wednesday morning, I will be saying goodbye see you later to the only home I have known for the last 20 years.

I’ll be back occasionally, on weekends or for holiday breaks.

But I’m going to be living two hours (about, depends on traffic) from where I grew up, actually near the place where I was born.

I won’t have a car.

I may not have a way of getting home regularly.

I’m hoping (and praying, though admittedly possibly not enough) that I’ll find a good group of friends to hang out with.

I’ll probably cry when my parents leave.

I may cry the entire first weekend, or the first week. Or even the first month.

But that’s okay.

It happens.

I’m a homebody.

That’s not a bad thing.

The bad part about it is if/when I let it control me and absolutely refuse to expand my comfort zone.

That’s the bad thing about being a homebody: being too much of a homebody that you never get out anywhere.

At least, that’s how I feel.

Are any of you homebodies? Do you not like to expand your comfort zones very much?

That’s all right. You’re not alone in that. But try. Baby steps!

That was kind of a random ramble, but it works, right??

Also, tomorrow & Sunday I will be out and about a lot of the day.

But. But but but but but BUUUUUUT

there will be a post. Sometime. Somewhere. Eventually.

And then Monday is my last day at work (sad face) and Tuesday I’ll probably be finishing packing and then Wednesday I MOVE. Don’t expect too much from me next week. Because I will be busy. I may not have much time to do internet stuff because I will probably be doing school stuff. And then Monday the 29th is my first day of classes, so… I might be rather quiet in the weeks to come. But you will hear from me eventually, I promise!