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My Saturday has certainly been happy.

I got a new phone. (A Blackberry!!)

And it’s pretty.

And I love it.

My sister got one, too. We’re both quite happy!

I also got new pajamas and a new swim suit, but those aren’t as important. Haha.

We also just got home from eating out as a family. We were going to go out after church tomorrow, but tonight ended up working so we don’t have to hurry out after church, which is nice. I’m already getting up early to run screen a final time this summer before I leave; I didn’t necessarily want to be rushed out the door on my final Sunday, you know?

Last night I finally got to see the movie Rio, which I wanted to see when it came out. Friends from church had an open-invitation movie night, so I went, and was pleasantly surprised by the story of the “flightless” bird. It was cute. Watch it sometime if you haven’t already.

Aaannnnddd… This weekend marks my first-ever guest-blogging experience! Pop on over and check it out!

And if you’re visiting from Blessed Beyond Belief, thanks for stopping by! 😀 Feel free to poke around and check things out. 🙂