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Check this out.

I hope that works. My video uploading thing is giving me something I don’t want, and won’t allow me to close out of it. So I have to leave the page. So I couldn’t add the video directly to the post. #dumb

This was one of the songs we sang tonight after our picnic, and the line that I used for the title of this post really hit me.

They split us up into two groups for tonight’s stuff, labelled as the school’s colors (blue and gold, my two favorites! — no that had no bearing on my coming here) depending on where you’re living. My group had the picnic first, while the other group had a welcome service in the chapel first. Then we switched.

The Welcome Week committee had a song for us (which I realized that L had been singing yesterday), and a video, and there were a couple of speakers. At the end of all of that, we sang two songs. This one (above) and this one.

I guess we like Hillsong here…


That was that.

At the end of that, it was chaos to try to get into your group, because they had everyone go at the same time. Bad idea. Note to school: let certain groups go at certain times to avoid chaos. Not wide enough aisles for a couple hundred people to wade through things. #duh

And after that was group time. There was a separate thing for transfers and students who commute, so that we weren’t lumped in with the freshmen. We played a couple ice breaker games (ugh) and were led to our Lounge, where there will be free breakfast tomorrow before a Q&A session where we can listen to past transfers and stuff. So I think I’ll go to that.

Tomorrow’s pretty busy. I’m not sure if I’ll be around when C moves in, which is unfortunate. 😦

I’m trying to figure out when I can meet my dad for him to give me some stuff I forgot. I’ll be busy when he gets to town on Saturday, and Sunday is pretty much full too. Ugh. This stinks.

I just want it to be Sunday night and everything to be taken care of. But if that wish were granted, I’d miss out on some realizations or something throughout the weekend. Ack.

I got back from my transfer thing to find my roomie just about to leave for some work outing. She didn’t really want to leave me here by myself again (she works all day tomorrow, too!), but I guess it’s a tradition and she kind of felt obligated to go. Maybe she’ll back before I fall asleep… But still, she has to be up insanely early, so we probably won’t talk much anyway.

I have meetings tomorrow, and lunch, and maybe a free afternoon unless I go to a 45-minute meeting specifically for transfers or meet with my adviser or something. And then dinner and then some big new-student group activity til like 9 or something. I dunno. I might leave that early and see if I can spend time with my roomies instead or something.

One of the people who spoke tonight (our president, actually, who is also an introvert!) encouraged us to stay on-campus (mostly) the whole month, and not go home for a few weeks. I feel like he was mostly speaking to the freshies, but I guess it goes for transfers too. Commuters, not so much. Heh.

Anyway, so we’re encouraged to not leave campus for a month. I’m not sure if he meant the rest of this month, or if he meant for the next four weeks, or all of September. But anyway, we’re encouraged to not leave campus for a while to get used to things here and whatever.

I know that K had a challenge at her school Fresh year. If they stayed on campus the whole first 30 days, they got some kind of reward like a tshirt or something. Not sure this school is going to do that, but our prize can be the knowledge that we’re okay without our parents, maybe?