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…and have cried a lot.

Let’s start with the beginning of yesterday:

We left our house early yesterday and arrived here about 10 am. We were half an hour early for my scheduled move-in time, but they let me move in early. That was probably good, because I was so overwhelmed when they took me to the hang-out room in my building. There were a bunch of people I didn’t know, and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do yet, and it was just really frustrating. Luckily I had a little thing of Kleenex in my bag and grabbed it. Most of the people in the room seemed to ignore me, which was nice. The RA for my floor and the RD tried to make things as smooth as possible, and just gave me my key and let me move in. I so appreciated that. It was kind of a good thing that my roomie wasn’t around, because I don’t exactly like other people seeing me cry about moving.

I unpacked some of my stuff, made my bed (well, my mom did that while I put my clothes away), and we went down to the main buildings on campus so I get my books (yay, online ordering!) and my picture ID. Not in that order. ID first. There was a familiar face at the ID thing—a friend from elementary school got to take my picture! That was pretty good. Made that a little less awkward.

Then we went to find the bookstore (my dad and I; my mom wanted to talk to someone in one of the offices about something) so that I could pick up my books, and also a way for my carry my ID.

Then we went to another quick meeting and I walked to the meeting place for my work study orientation. Which was interesting. They had a few speakers, a few videos, and a skit. Then we were broken up into our actual work study employment group … things… and got to go to an orientation specifically for that. From there, my giant group was broken up into several smaller groups. We’re student custodians, but we work under about five different people and areas. There was no rhyme or reason to who was in which group; apparently the supervisors just picked our names. I’m the only transfer in my little group that met yesterday. Hooray, awkward. So we basically get to clean. In three-hour shifts. And we’re the nighttime crew, so we start at 3 and get done at midnight. Depending on which shift you sign up for. I need to change my schedule, so I haven’t signed up for one yet. You’re only required to work 6 hours a week (like the same shift every week, unless someone needs you to switch or cover), but if you’d like to work more, that’s fine, too. I’m probably going to just stick to two shifts each week and hopefully be on the middle shift, or possibly the first one. My mom thinks the first three hours would be better. Depends on what time I finish classes, but I have to change my schedule a bit tomorrow, so we’ll see.

After that (it lasted like an hour longer than we thought it would), my dad came to pick me up and drive me back over to my apartment. He and my mom had gone shopping while I was in my meetings and picked up some extra things like a couple of lamps and some more kitchen and bathroom stuff. Of course, they couldn’t get into my room because they didn’t have a key, so they had to wait in the hallway. Fun. So we worked on putting some of that stuff away.

And then my best friend who’s been on campus for a week came over and we hung out for a little bit. My parents left (I cried) and we biked to dinner.
I think I’m going to start calling “supper” “dinner”  now. Because that’s what it’s listed as in my schedule. I don’t know, maybe I’ll switch.

So anyway, L and I went to dinner and then just kind of hung out. I skipped a new-student activity because I’m lame, and went back to the apartment to put away the rest of the stuff my parents had bought.
We went to this “concert” thing on campus, but it wasn’t super-exciting, so we decided to go back to L’s building and hang out. We got distracted looking at all the decorations on the walls and doors—each floor of each building has a theme, and her floor’s theme is Pokemon! So we were walking around looking at all the different characters on each door, and a guy walked out of his room (maybe because he heard us talking?) and we spent the next, what? half hour? with him and his roommate talking about Pokemon. It was fun! So I kind of made friends. I don’t remember either of their names, but I’d recognize them if I saw them again…

Then I went back to my room and hung out on the internet for a while. I went to bed, but I could not get to sleep. That’s been a problem all week, and actually for as long as I can remember. I haven’t been able to sleep. And being in a room that I’m not used to makes it harder to fall asleep. So I was still awake at 1am when A came home from working. We talked for a little bit, but she had to get up early to go back to work. She’s really nice, though, so that’s a plus. Just super-busy this week because she helps train students in and things like that, so yesterday she was working 6am to midnight. Gross. Anyway, she’s super-busy, so I probably won’t see her much until classes start on Monday.

And now I’m sitting in my apartment. Alone. Typing this and texting my mother while eating a granola bar.

I could maybe go to the library or the book store to see if they have the two books that weren’t available when I ordered my books online… Although the one is optional and is a Bible. I brought three Bibles. I don’t know if I need this fourth one for class or not. Maybe I’ll wait until I get to the class and see what the prof says.
Can you believe that I needed like ten books for three classes?? Mostly for my Bible class. And when I add a new class (or two) tomorrow, I’ll need MORE books. Oy.

Can I tell you guys something without being judged? (Of course I can…)

I feel stupid for crying so much.

I feel like I’m not being grateful for this opportunity.

I feel like a loser for bursting into tears so often.

People are really nice about it so far, but… I feel like it’s never going to end and I’m just going to be the girl who cries all the time and that’s just dumb.

I’m too much of an introvert to just walk up to people and introduce myself, too. Stupid.

I’ve still got almost four hours before my evening activities start. My roommate is gone and my best friend is helping more people move in today. I don’t really feel like leaving my apartment at the moment. =\

Is that super-lame? I’m just not an outgoing person.

I promise I’ll find some new people to hang out with eventually. I just don’t feel like doing anything right now.

I do have family in the area: one cousin is literally minutes away, another is about 20 minutes away, and I’ve got two sets of aunts and uncles who are probably within an hour of the school. The cousins have already told me to feel free to call or whatever if I need anything. So that’s nice. They’re gonna have to come get me if I call or text or Facebook them, but that’s probably okay. And I might end up babysitting their kids sometimes, which would be okay… Maybe a little stressful with the two little girls, but the baby boy shouldn’t be too tough. Haha! 🙂 I love all of my cousins’ kids, I just don’t necessarily want to be in charge of them for longer than a couple of hours… You know?

So anyway. I have time before my thing this afternoon, and I think I’m going to spend it in my living room listening to music or watching a movie on my laptop. The TV won’t get here ’til tomorrow when C arrives…

My sister texted me a picture of the chinchilla! He’s so cute!! I can’t wait to play with him next time I go home!

I wish we were allowed to have pets on-campus, but we’re not. Except fish. But I’m right next to the housing for the Seminary students, and they’re allowed to have pets… Maybe I’ll make friends with some of them… 😉