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I like alliteration, okay?!?
Geez, give me a break.

I think I got my schedule mostly figured out. Stupid stress. Now I just need to figure out what to do about my work schedule… Ugh. I really hope I don’t end up working til midnight because that does not sound fun to me. 😦

So I realized tonight (as I managed to not cry in the shower) that I haven’t read my Lucado devotional (Grace For the Moment) since…like, two days ago.

So I did.

And let me tell you, I almost lost it. I almost bawled.

Here, let me share. (And hope I don’t get in trouble for copyright infringement or something. Not my book; not trying to make money! Just sharing!)

Rescued by Heaven
John 5:24
When you recognize God as Creator, you will admire him. When you recognize his wisdom, you will learn from him. When you discover his strength, you will rely on him. But only when he saves you will you worship him.
It’s a “before and after” scenario. Before your rescue, you could easily keep God at a distance…. Sure he was important, but so was your career. Your status. Your salary….
Then came the storm…. the rage….the fight…the ripped moorings…. Despair fell like a fog; your bearings were gone. In your heart, you knew there was no exit.
Turn to your career for help? Only if you want to hide from the storm…. not escape. Lean on your status for strength? A storm isn’t impressed with your title….
Suddenly you are left with one option. God.
In the Eye of the Storm

Let the Redeemed Say So
Colossians 3:10
I wonder if Jesus doesn’t  muster up a slight smile as he sees his lost sheep come straggling into the fold—the beaten, broken, dirty sheep who stands at the door looking at the Shepherd asking, “Can I come in? I don’t deserve it, but is there room in your kingdom for one more?” The Shepherd looks down at the sheep and says, “Come in, this is your home.”
Salvation is the process that’s done, that’s secure, that no one can take away from you. Sanctification is the lifelong process of being changed from one degree of glory to the next, growing in Christ, putting away the old, taking on the new.
The Psalmist David would tell us that those who have been redeemed will say so! If we’re not saying so, perhaps it’s because we’ve forgotten what it is like to redeemed. Let the redeemed of the earth say so!
Walking with the Savior

The last one reminds me of a song I know

Just thought I’d share that, because it struck me a few minutes ago as I was reading it. Especially the part in the first one about storms and relying on God and stuff. I haven’t been doing that enough this week. The other day (or was it today?) as I was walking to one of the events on campus, I did say something to God about wanting Him to take away the stress or making this a better transition or something, but I haven’t been doing that consistently. And that’s actually a little embarrassing. But I guess it shows that I’m human too, and I’m not always “in-tune” sotospeak.

All right, I think I’m going to try to sleep now. Tomorrow morning there’s a special dedication service where I guess they’re going to pray over new students or give the year to God or something, which is cool. But I’ll probably cry. Stupid sensitivity and stress and change…

Also, this just happened on my personal Tumblr “dashboard” like two minutes ago:

Lucado on Tumblr

Anyway, I think I’m going to try to sleep…