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Today marks a week of me living here.

Today was my third day of classes.

Today I had one class and then chapel.

Today I cried during chapel when we sang a couple of the songs.

Today I have to read some stuff for class.

Today I have to finish typing a paper that is due tomorrow.

Today I did dishes. And then ended up making more dishes dirty, but that’s okay. I cleaned the majority of them.

Today is the last day of August.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Tomorrow is Thursday.

Tomorrow is Bible class, break, Comm class, and Media class (during which we will be “truck training.” Which basically means we get to learn how to operate cameras on a news truck or something?)

Tomorrow is work for three hours after class.

Tomorrow is going to be okay.

Our apartment is cold because the other two like it cold and so yeah it’s cold.

I also need to clean up my mess in the living room. I meant to do that yesterday or the day before but I haven’t yet.

I also kid of want to take a nap.

Last night we stayed up until midnight watching the first Bourne movie. We didn’t finish it. We might finish it tonight or something. We also plan to rent The Proposal sometime, because it was on TV Monday night and we watched part of it but not all of it and I guess I need to watch it all the way through? Kind of looking forward to that, actually; it’s an interesting movie.

Now I’d better do some homework and clean up a bit…