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So the other day I guest-posted at Getting Out of the Boat about dating.

Today, JM followed up on that post with one of her own. Which you should go read.

This morning, I had an interesting experience that kind of fits in with part of what JM said in her post.

In my class this morning, at 9am, a guy sat down next to me.

Why? I’m not sure.

There were like four other open seats (at least), and he chose to sit next to me.

We worked on an in-class activity with another guy earlier this week, because the prof put us into a group because of our proximity to each other. (They were at the table in front of me.)

Anyhow, he sat next to me and that was fine.

And then after class as we were all packing up to leave, he introduced himself and asked me my name and whatever. And we got to chatting as we left the room.

It was interesting.

And I found myself over-analyzing and telling my brain to stop flipping out.

Because I found myself doing the whole, “Oh-my-goodness-he’s-talking-to-me-and-he’s-cute-and-I’m-pretty-sure-he’s-a-Christian-and-oh-my-gosh-what-if” thing. Which was dumb, but I did it. Briefly.

I don’t know much about him other than his name and that he went to basically the same community college I did (just on the other campus, and I think he did PSEO). But he’s nice, and apparently felt like I was worth talking to, and he’s smart, and… yeah. So. I’m trying not to over-analyze the situation, because he was probably just being friendly, right?

I really don’t want to make the rest of the semester awkward, because I see this guy three days every week in class. And I don’t want to be freaking out every time I see him. Because that’s silly.

So I’m going to try to not over-analyze.

I just thought I’d share that.

Now I need to work on some homework…

Also, pop on over to The Boat again today and leave my friend a little love. Kay? Kthx. 🙂