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I said on Monday that I was going to post yesterday, and obviously I didn’t. Sorry! 😦

I just got really busy with school (out of the apartment from 8:30ish until after 6!) and work (hence the six pm return T/Th) and stuff that I didn’t really feel like posting.

But I’m going to now!!

I’ve got two chapel messages to share with you.

Would’ve been three, but unfortunately I missed chapel today because that was really the only time I could help with a homework issue. 😦 I mean, I could’ve emailed the TA or the prof and gotten help any time, but I figured I’d take care of it when I knew for sure the TA would be there.

At least the project is finished! I was so worried that I wouldn’t finish it on time, but it only took me an hour and a half or two hours this morning to get it the way I wanted it. I’ll share it eventually, maybe this weekend after it’s been graded! We’re sharing our projects tomorrow, and I’m kind of excited to see how everyone else’s turned out.

By tomorrow, I need to read chapters 12-50 of Genesis and like 12 pages of another book for my Bible class. That’s a lot of reading. I should’ve started on it last night, but … I didn’t. We watched Thor.

Anyway, on to chapel.

Last Friday, RM started his message with the story of the Three Little Pigs, and pointed out that we know how the wolf feels at the end—chaos.
The third pig built his house with the right foundation. It messed the wolf up.
Matthew 7:24 — PRACTICE being the key word
passive Christianity = disease
Love your neighbor. Jesus did not give the disciples advice on how, or tell them to check out blogs or books on how to love their neighbors: He expected them to just DO IT.
We talk about it, but do we walk it?
Faith without action is dead.
1 John 3:17 & 18
James 1:22 & 2:14-18
Active pursuit of Christ: trust
just saying it (that you trust Jesus) is meaningless
If your head is not in the same place as your heart, your statement of truth is meaningless.
Step out in obedience.
Loosen your grip; be generous.
Give up control to God, because He is trustworthy, and trust is hard to come by these days.
Where are you putting your trust?
Matt 19:16-22
Don’t wake up wondering if you’ve lived your life—actually live it.
The word “perfect” in Hebrew is telios, which means completion or fulfillment.
The internet (and I think media in general) has skewed justice, and our impression of good.
False love = passive.
RM talked about the rich young man. He walked away sad not because he was sacrificing his wealth, but because he decided to keep his money. (At least, that’s R’s interpretation.)
He told us a story of one of his wife’s friends from high school. This guy had a teacher who influenced him for the better, and he wanted to be a teacher. One of his parents talked him out of it because he wouldn’t be getting paid much to be a teacher. Now (or when they last caught up with him) he has a career that makes good money, but I don’t think he’s happy in it.
He ended his message with this thought: We all have hearts and burdens given to us by God.

Monday’s message was given by one of the pastors on campus, who opened by repeating something she said last week: Good Biblical preaching should not be about entertainment.
She entitled her message Stumbling Blocks or Living Stones.
She opened with a story about the grandson of former slaves who was a stone mason who strived (strove?) for excellence.
After the story, she said, “My great uncle.” Wow!
Our foundation or cap or cornerstone is Jesus.
Psalm 118:21-23Β — Jesus is the chief person.
1 Peter — spotless lamb of God
obey the truth — 2 Peter 2:1-9
growth in pain
Not just stones—priests. All day, every day.
Romans 12:1-2
Go beyond rejection, and beyond the world.
We are called to live in Him, and magnify His Name.
Forgetting what lies behind, press on ahead.
Live a life of Nevertheless. (One translation, Jesus says “nevertheless”)

I need to work on taking more detailed notes so that I can better explain things. Oops.

Oh well. You get the basics, right? πŸ™‚

I’m also working on the notes from the last couple of weeks at my home church. I’m so excited to go back in a couple of weeks!!

Now for some homework!

**EDIT 9/27/11

I just realized that I haven’t technically shared my project with you guys. Unless you noticed it on Twitter/Tumblr.

So, here you go!

I can’t add it from my computer, so I’ll have to link you to the Tumblr page.

And yes, that is me speaking.