I’ve decided that “hot” should be an illegal word, at least when describing people.

It’s so annoying to me that people limit themselves to “hot” as their sole descriptive word for people they find attractive.

Think about it.

You have the entire English language, plus adjectives from other languages, and you go with “hot”?


Just… no.

Try some more creativity.

“Hot” is for talking about temperature.

It should not be for describing people.

My two cents.

I will defend this thought.

If I hear you refer to anyone as “hot,” you will probably get a verbal lashing. Or one over the internet. Like I did tonight on Facebook.

Just sayin’.

Be more creative in your choice of language.

Actually, that goes for “swearing” as well. It just shows how creative you are not, because those words (most of them) had completely different meanings once upon a time.

That’s all.

I just had to get that out.