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Sometime yesterday afternoon I checked my email to find one that made me very sad.

A guy from my school, in my grade, died yesterday morning.

They didn’t give us details, just that it was due to medical complications.

Today in chapel, we got more detail: he died due to complications from a seizure.

One of his professors got up and spoke briefly about how this morning, he walked into his classroom (with no one else around) and sat where J sat. And he thought, “This has to be real.”

What we’re learning here, what we’ve been talking about in chapel for the last three weeks, Jesus. It has to be real.

He brought up Psalm 116:15, but the whole Psalm is great actually.

We didn’t really have a message today, just a quick review of what’s been said the last couple of times, and mostly songs and prayer.

And tears

I think part of the reason I cried during chapel today was because I was reminded of the weekend in 2008 when we as a church mourned the death of both my best friend and an infant.

It was right around this time that November, around the 15th or 16th. The 13th was a Thursday, so yeah, would’ve been Sunday the 16th.

Funny how things connect like that, huh?

So that was my morning.

Now I’m debating between homework and procrastination, after having procrastinated for at least two hours already. Oops.

I’m really tired. I may take a nap.

My internet is being a little slow to load pages and stuff, so I may read/study.