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This week has been a lot of stress.

Mostly due to a project for my media class.

It’s a partner project, and my partner and I could really only do the stuff today.

So we went to check out equipment and there was no one there to check it out for us.

And then we spotted one of the TAs and asked if he could spare a minute, which he graciously did.

But by the time we got our equipment, we were too late to set up for the original lecture.

I texted the old youth pastor to see if I could possibly record him at youth group tonight, and he said okay, but by then we’d found a prof who would let us interview him.

Thank. God.

So we interviewed this prof for 20-something minutes (a few minutes short of our 30-minute minimum time, but that can’t really be helped) and then my partner had to get to class.

He’s incredibly busy, so he left the editing to me.

By myself.

Stupid schedule.

So I went in tonight and tried to edit.

That in itself was stressful.

I won’t go into detail, but the TA ended up being a lifesaver again, and then I called project done and uploaded it.

And now I have a little more homework to finish before I go to bed.

I just want all this stress to be over.

I almost don’t want to go to class tomorrow, but I kind of need to.

I just hope we get a decent grade on this. =\


In happier news, I got to watch Glee this afternoon.

Pretty good season premier! 🙂