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It’s after 9:00 Friday night, and I’m watching YouTube videos.

Have been almost all afternoon.

I did a little homework—the stuff that’s due at midnight tonight, at least. I have to turn one thing in yet. I can’t find the one bit of information in the book, and Google wasn’t helping, so I might skip that one. And I can’t come up with a good answer for one of the others, so I’ll probably leave it the way it is, about half-way finished.

I’m so incredibly glad it’s Friday.

Next week is Homecoming here.

I’m not super excited for much of it, other than Wednesday’s chapel. I guess a group from Kenya is coming to sing for us or something. They’ve been here before, but I’ve never seen them obviously. That one I’m quite excited about.

I have no idea what Homecoming Chapel entails, but… I’m not a Homecoming person so I don’t know if I’m going to go to that one.

Today’s lesson was really short–we were out 10–15 minutes earlier than usual!

Our speaker, A (who is apparently an author!!) spoke about Dora.

That’s right, Dora the Explorer.

Dora The Explorer Image

click for link

His daughter, who is like 4, loves two things: pink (not the popstar) … and Dora.

Anyway, he drew a parallel between Dora and our lives.

I know, weird, right?

But it made sense. I hadn’t thought of it before.

He talked about how Jesus was on a mission (still keeping with our Matthew verses, and a few from Luke — check out what Jesus calls Herod!).

And Dora and Boots are always on missions, and they sometimes almost thwarted by Swiper, that sneaky fox you loves to swipe their stuff. (Klepto, anyone?)

And to get Swiper to not swipe their stuff, this happens:

Three times they tell him to stop, and he does. Jesus works in 3s!

A talked about how we all know Swiper. We all have things in our lives that thwart our plans and make our lives more difficult.

I didn’t take too many notes this time, but the last three things I wrote were these:

Even if … Jesus there.

Death, ultimate Swiper, overcome.

No fear — Jesus here.

So that was cool.

My one roommate is gone for the weekend, and the other one is watching movies with her boyfriend.

I feel like it’s later than 9, almost. It’s weird.

Tomorrow I might be doing homework. I’ll be studying for my Monday test (blech), and probably reading for Bible class.

What are you up to this weekend? 🙂