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I’m going to bullet-point my day for you. Kay? Kay.

  • Woke up (7:45)
  • Got ready
  • Read for a few minutes
  • Shuttle to main buildings (8:15ish)
  • Hot chocolate and muffin from campus coffee shop
  • Head to class (8:30)
  • Sit around eating and drinking
  • Start class (9ish)
  • Watch this video
  • Take quiz (failed, but that’s okay)
  • Take notes/discuss
  • Watch this video
  • Take more notes until about 10
  • Get lunch (little salad and juice; 10:30ish)
  • Review a little & eat lunch
  • Take test (11ish) — Fail
  • Cry (Yes. Really. I started crying partway through my test and gave up answering questions because I couldn’t remember the answers.)
  • Tweet/internet
  • Start third class (12:30ish)
  • Take notes
  • Do video scavenger hunt (HAPPY DAY)
  • Finish class (2:15ish)
  • Call Mom; cry
  • Work (slightly stressful but not horrible; 3ish)
  • Buy snack (6ish)
  • Come back to apartment
And that’s my day.
I obviously need to study more for this one class.
I seriously did cry while talking to my mom.
She asked if I had a cold or was crying, and I said both. Because I was crying, but I also think I have a cold or a sinus infection or something.
So that was a great Tuesday.
How’s your week been so far?
Also, I edited this post to share the project I mentioned.