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wise beyond years

This was a couple of days ago.

It came about partly (mostly) because I was thinking about homosexuality, and people who argue that the passages that oppose homosexuality are only referring to homosexual acts done lustfully, not taking into account love. (Because “love is love.”)

Some people argue that you can be a Christian and be a homosexual because it’s just the acts that make it detestable.

I struggle with this (mostly the first one), because if you read Leviticus 18:22, depending on the translation, it says that having “relations” with someone of the same sex is detestable.

Some translations say just the act is detestable; some say that homosexuality in general is detestable.

It’s confusing.

I wrote that Facebook status after thinking about this very thing. I was confused and frustrated and eventually I realized that it doesn’t really matter who’s right and who’s wrong.

What matters is our attitude.

What matters is that we are being Christ-like, loving, non-judgmental people.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to things we’re not sure about, like homosexuality.

I don’t agree that everyone is “born this way.” I don’t believe that sexuality is fully gene-determined. I just don’t.

But I don’t go around telling people that they’re stupid for thinking differently. (Well, I try not to!)

Jesus didn’t really talk about homosexuality.

Does that mean that it’s okay to love people of the same sex? That God created people that way?

I don’t know.

And honestly, I don’t really care anymore.

If you asked God “Is homosexuality wrong?”, my guess is He would look at you like, “Child, why are you worrying?” or something.

Right or wrong doesn’t matter.

What matters is your attitude.

We all make mistakes. We all have issues. Stop finding flaws in other people’s lives and start working on your own issues.

I have my beliefs (which may or may not have changed some), and you have yours. We will disagree. That’s life.

You don’t have to get mad at me. I will try not to get mad at you.

When you get to heaven, you can ask God yourself. But by then it might not matter anymore. So for now, quit arguing and start being Christ-like.


In other news, we had a group from Africa come to campus this week. They sang this morning in chapel and they were GREAT! You can check them out here. They sang part of the Lion King song (which has now gotten me on a Disney kick). Also part of this song, which we sang one night at our Sunday night worship. It was awesome. I’m thinking about ordering one or more of their CDs eventually.

I’ve got a bit more reading to do for Bible class tomorrow, but I thought I’d share with you some of what I’ve been reading so far. Starting with this week’s assignments. Because… just because. I’m loving having a class that “forces” me to read parts of several books of the Bible at once—it keeps me accountable!

So for yesterday, we were supposed to read this:

Joshua 1-6 & 23-24
Judges 4-7

And for tomorrow, we have to read this:

1 Samuel 1-3
2 Samuel 1-7
Proverbs 1-4
Ecclesiastes 1-3 & 12

Plus a chapter from one of our intro books (Old Testament).

We’re not reading the entire Bible because that would be too difficult in a semester for what the prof wants to cover, so we’re just going over parts. Plus if we read the whole Bible this semester, we probably wouldn’t have much time for anything else…

So anyway. I’ve read the Samuel passages assigned for tomorrow and need to read the rest. We had a quiz yesterday and I didn’t do that well on it, but that’s okay because she throws out the lowest score. I’m not sure if we’ll have a quiz tomorrow or not. We’ll find out.

I think that on Thursday I might start sharing my thoughts on the things I’m reading.

Now I need to do some reading and find some food.