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I know I said I was going to do this tomorrow, but I got bored of doing homework and decided to do it tonight. So here’s another sermon. I think I’m going to do the other one tomorrow after chapel, and also probably share tomorrow’s chapel lesson.

On Labor Day weekend, a member of our church congregation who is not a pastor but is an incredible leader and speaker and has a lot of Biblical knowledge spoke. Which is great. Next to the youth pastor(s) (and our senior pastor), he’s one of my favorite people to listen to. So it’s cool that he got to speak.

His sermon that morning was on a Life of Freedom.

Gal 5:1 — don’t always feel free.
Scale of 1 -10, how free are you?
As Americans, we understand the word “freedom.”
But why don’t we feel like it?
Define freedom.

Three questions.

I. What enslaves us?
Rom. 6:16-18
Verse 17: To everyone, though you used to be slaves to sin. – Romans 3:23
We hear that we’re basically all good.
False. (Have you read the news?) “Anyone who believes that we’re basically all good at heart has never raised a two-year-old.” Story of two of his four children. Infant son crying, two-year-old playing next to him. No apparent reason for infant to be crying, go back to what they were doing. A few minutes later, see that infant son has four bruises on his head. Realize his two-year-old has hit his baby brother in the forehead with it. Why? Don’t know.
1. Sin
2. Law (Rom 6:14)
Jews had grown up with the Law. Free from it? What? Rom 6:15-18
Law is hard for us to understand. When was the last time you sacrificed a goat?
We have a similar stand to the Pharisees. We follow their road. (Godspell example: Parable of Pharisee’s Prayer.) Their law/traditions overran God’s. The missed God’s point and lowered the standard.
“I fudge my taxes a little bit, but I’m not a child molester!”
We dumb the law down so we can follow it the way we want.
3. Death (Rom 8:21)
Stamped with death.
Rom. 6:20-21
Romans 8

II. How do we find freedom from our chains?
1. Jesus.
It’s the Sunday school answer:
Who should you act like in school? Jesus.
Who saved you? Jesus.
Who died on the cross? Jesus?
Who built the ark? Jesus. Well no, that was Noah, but really if you think about it it was kinda Jesus…
But He really is the only answer.

III. What does a life of freedom look like?
1 Corinthians 13:13
1. Faith
2. Hope
3. Love
Look further. Look past everything to Him.
Trusting takes faith. Faith leads to hope.
Love is the greatest. Can change the world.
No law against that kind of love, and sin can’t destroy it.