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I FINALLY got to watch my church’s service from a couple of weeks ago.

So here we go.

We have Commit-aphobia. But we can’t do much in life without committing. No commitment = life of mediocrity.

Love God with EVERYTHING. Totally committed.

I. The Power of Commitment
Your commitments…
-Show your values. (True values made obvious by how you spend your time and money.)
-Shape your life. (Capture your heart. Life = total of commitments.)
-Determine your destiny. (Every day, you exchange your life for something. What are you exchanging yours for? Killing time = slow suicide.)

II. The Price of Commitment.
Luke 14:26
What gives Jesus the right to say that?
He made us. He has a plan for our lives. He died on the cross for us. He deserves your total commitment.
CS Lewis: The only thing Christianity cannot be is moderately important. (All or nothing.)
First of every day (Ps. 5:3 – quiet time)
First day of week (Acts 20:7 – We have church on Sunday because Jesus rose on a Sunday. And Easter is a Sunday = Resurrection Day.)
First 10%. (Prov. 3:9)
First place in decisions. (Prov 3:5)
Farmyard story. Breakfast feast. Horse: strength to harvest wheat. Chicken: eggs. Pig silent until asked. “For me, it’s a total commitment.” We’re like the chicken. We should be like the pig.

III. The Pitfalls that Derail Commitment
Some of us, in five years, will be washed up spiritually. Happens all the time. Never made the whole-hearted commitment. Half-hearted commitment doesn’t cut it when the going gets tough.
-Will be distracted. (Mark 4:19)
Watch out for the good things that cause you to miss the best things.
-You become complacent. (Romans 12:11)
What’s your spiritual vitality like today?
Laptop story — looks awesome, used daily, but not keeping it up. Now it’s sluggish.
King David became complacent. (2 Sam 11:1)
Can’t live on yesterday’s fire/level of commitment.

IV. The Pay-off for Total Commitment
-Short-term: Don’t have to worry anymore. (Matt. 6:31-33)
Trust Him — at peace.
-Long-term: God’s approval. (Matthew 25:23)
Affirmation, Promotion, and Celebration.

Challenge: What kind of commitment are you gonna make?

Henry Varleigh to Dwight L. Moody: The world has yet to see what God can do with a man fully consecrated to Him. By God’s help, I aim to be that man.