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Since it was brought up…

…in the comments of one of my Psalms posts, I thought I’d share with you just how “apart” my Bible has come. It’s not physically falling apart (aside from perhaps the spine), but it’s definitely been used and written in.

I know at least one person who hasn’t written in the Bible she received in 7th grade because it was “too pretty.” (It’s supposed to be written in, silly!)

But I write in mine. Here’s how much I’ve written in some parts.

Psalm 1

This one won't rotate, sorry. End of Zephaniah.


part of Ephesians


more of James

last of James

I would definitely say that James is the most marked-up book in my Bible. Most of those notes I cannot remember the points of, because they were made in junior high and that was a long time ago… But there is almost no white space in that book. I just wish I could remember what all of the notes meant. ūüė¶


Tonight, I went to Courageous with my roommate. There was nothing interesting on TV, so we found a theater that was nearby with a showing around that time and went.

We laughed.

We cried.

We loved it.

And then we got stared at by creepy guys in a car who slowed down as we left the theater and walked faster to our car. But that’s irrelevant.

I want every church to show Courageous, and to create Resolutions for the men in their congregations to sign.

I want there to be a Resolution for women.

I am thinking about typing one out for myself.

Although apparently there already is one. Or at least a book for women.

I may just create my own. (Started thinking up ideas on the drive back.)

I want a promise ring.

I think that when I go home (IN FIVE¬†FOUR DAYS!) I’m maybe going to mention it to my parents. Or maybe I’ll just buy one for myself.

I really really want M’s story to become a movie.

Uhm, Sherwood? Affirm Films? Provident Films? Outreach Films? Newsong Pictures? Someone?

Oh, I know–

Mr. & Mrs. Britts? Yeah, hi, remember me? We met in 2009 at CHIC at the Tuesday or Wednesday showing of To Save A Life? Mrs. Britts chatted with my “second mom” about my friend M? We told you that if you were looking for another story, you could use M’s? Yeah, feel free to contact us any time about that… I’m sure it would be welcomed…


I really want her story to be made into a movie, and I’ve already kind of started thinking about how it could be filmed (Media class coming through…) and actually I was thinking about doing one of my video projects on her story…

M’s mom and the other woman involved in the accident (who gets out of prison this month, I believe) are planning on writing a book together. I am excited, and I will be making both of them sign my copy.

ANYway. So that was my day.

I really ought to go to bed, seeing as it’s after midnight.

We were made to be courageous, and it starts with us tonight.

As for me and my house, we will only serve the LORD.