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Guess what, guys?


And I have (mostly) figured out what I’m going to do for my media project.

There’s an event after the football (is that soccer to my not-American friends? Or do you call it American football like we did in French class?) game on Friday night at our church, and I’m going to get footage of some of the setup and kids arriving and games and food and hopefully interview a couple of people briefly about their favorite part, or why they come, or how they heard about it. Should be good. I texted the pastor today to see if it was okay, and he said yes, so that’s awesome.

I am currently trying to finish up some homework. Homework that includes reading Hosea, Amos, and 20-something pages of a book that bores me more often than not.

But it’s homework.

OH! Today, after chapel (the message was really good and I’ll probably share it later), I went to the bookstore. I bought my dad a card (his birthday this week), and I bought myself a sweatshirt and a new straw-thing for my water bottle. And a pack of gum, because I felt like it.

Now, to the reading!

Hosea’s is actually a story I’m thinking about referencing in my final paper for Bible class, because it illustrates God’s forgiveness.

Chapter 1

Verses 4, 6 & 8: Can you imagine your parents naming you something that translates to “God scatters,” “not loved,” and “not my people”?
Incidentally, this coincides nicely with my homework for Friday for Interpersonal. We’re to research our names. Awesome!

Chapter 2

My Bible says the whole chapter (basically) is God speaking to Hosea’s children, which continues the analogy between Gomer and Israel.

Chapter 3

I like this one quite a bit. Reconciliation and love. Yay!

The rest of the book is essentially punishment for Israel, and Israel being uncooperative and God getting upset and then finally like begging Israel to repent in chapter 14.


Is incredibly repetitive.
At least, the first two chapters are.
What I’m getting from this is “I will not relent.” Which reminds me of this song.
And then 3 through 6 are pretty much repetitive and/or continuations.
And then 7 through 9…

I’ll be honest, this one isn’t holding my attention as much as some of the other things I’ve read for Bible. Which is unfortunate, because I’m sure it’s a good read. But I feel like having to read all 9 chapters at once is, like, overwhelming. Even though I can’t put down other books. Weird. But… it’s just not doing anything for me. :\

In 24 hours, I will be home.

I have to go study for a test now…