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Sorry I didn’t post yesterday; I had classes and then was packing and eagerly awaiting four o’clock when I could leave campus and get home.

It was about a two-and-a-half hour drive, which is about normal. We got a little lost at the beginning because the GPS was giving us wrong directions, but we made it.

I called my mom when we were about 20 minutes from my best friend’s house, and then texted her when we a little closer. She met us at my best friend’s house, and I hugged her.

It was just us at home for a little while because both Dad and my sister were out. Mom warmed up some soup for me, and I ate while we watched some TV. Then Dad came home and I hugged him, too. And then ate apple crisp (yum!!) and chatted with Dad while Mom talked to an aunt. My sister came home and I hugged her and we went and saw her chinchilla (who, by the way, doesn’t really like to be touched).

And then I watched a little more TV with Mom and went to bed around 10:30.

Then this morning I got up before 8 because my alarm went off, and I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up and showered and ate breakfast and now I’m watching Animal Planet and trying to finish up the homework that is due today. I’ll have to email it to the TA–oops. But that should be okay.

I’m trying to figure out when a good time to get together with my work friend is; she hasn’t responded to my text yet and I’m guessing that’s because she’s in class. We’ll get it figured out!

So I’m home until Sunday afternoon. And it’s great.

My parents are working and my sister has school, so I’m home alone, but the cars are fixed, so I might run some errands or something this morning.

All right, time to buckle down and finish this homework assignment!

And then I have to read a bit for Bible, which I’ll post about later!