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Chapter 1

Verses 3-7 are interesting. I’d forgotten that they had different names before!

I’m slightly confused by verse 8–drinking wine and eating royal food was “bad” …why?

But cool that the guard was nice to the men and that they ended up healthy anyway.

Chapter 2
Verse 24: So Daniel is kind of like David with Pharoah, then?
I like the end result of chapter 2. Awesome for Daniel!

Chapter 3
I think this is the part of the story that we all know, huh?
But if King Nebuchadnezrar had proclaimed that Daniel’s God was God, why was he was erecting an idol statue?? Because it was in the dream and Daniel interpreted it???

Overall, I like the story of Daniel and the other three.

There’s a Veggie Tales version, too! Of course. 😉
I can’t find the full thing online, but I found a video that gives the basic story.

That’s pretty much it for my Bible reading today.

My mom and I went shopping today, and I fit most of it in a suitcase plus the bags I’d brought for the weekend. I’m going back to school with one more bag than I came home with, but hopefully we’ll still fit everything in the car. I can always keep my backpack and my purse with me. We may have an extra person riding back with us, too, actually… That’ll be interesting. But it should be okay.

I’m not super-thrilled about going home tomorrow. But I kind of have to. I have about another month and a half until I’ll be home again, for Thanksgiving. I don’t think I’ll be coming home in between at all, but we’ll see. And then after that will be Christmas break in another month after Thanksgiving break. Then I’ll have two weeks at home until I go back for Interim, and after Interim I’ll have a weekend off before Spring semester starts. So this will be interesting.

I’m looking forward to church tomorrow though! 🙂