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For Bible class on Thursday, I have to read parts of Isaiah and Ezekiel.

Today I’m going to read the Isaiah chapters, and tomorrow I’ll do the Ezekiel ones. And at some point I’ll get to the book. We’ll probably have a quiz on Thursday.

So… Isaiah!

Oh, look at that. I posted Isaiah chapter 40 on Facebook one time.

I love verses one and 11.

I’m pretty sure 30 & 31 are quoted quite a bit.

Ohhhhh, verse three is part of the inspiration for Days of Elijah. Nice.

Chapter 41

Verse 10 is something I’ve heard before. Is it a variation of a Joshua verse, maybe? Or is it just quoted a lot and I’ve never really remembered the book?

The word “worm” in verse 14 is confusing. Why is Jacob a worm?

Chapter 42

I kind of like verse eight.

Chapter 43

Verse two (part of it) was the theme verse at Bible camp one summer. I used to have a shirt with the verse on the back of it.

Verse 11 is a statement.

Chapter 44

Verse five is pretty interesting…

Chapter 52

The last half of verse 15 is really interesting.

Chapter 53

Verse 5!! I’ve known this one for a while. There’s a song based on it.

Verses 10 and 11 are a little confusing, but 11 is rather powerful.

Oh, look. I went through Isaiah last year. I marked 40:3, 10, 17, and 29-31.

I also have parts of 53 (and 54) marked from youth group stuff two years ago.

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