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Well, okay, I worked like five and a half hours tonight.

But it was a lot when I’m used to working three.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

The 6-9 shift is different from 3-6, both in crew and in activities.

The 3-6 crew sets up classrooms and cleans entryways.

The 6-9 crew cleans offices, and locker rooms/bathrooms.

I did entryways (mopping. washing windows, vacuuming), then took a 20-ish minute break for food, then came back to spend three hours cleaning offices.

Other than sore feet, it went fine.


On the 3-6 shift, the other gal I was with was vacuuming and I had just finished mopping, and one of the coaches came out of his office and asked if he could bribe us to do something. He gave us popcorn (little bags that they’d been giving out all day for some departmental fair thing) in exchange for vacuuming his office.


So we were standing in the hallway eating our popcorn (because pushing a mop bucket and a vacuum while carrying a window-washing bucket and popcorn is difficult), and our supervisor walked down the hall toward us.

He was totally fine with us eating on the job, which was cool. We got everything done, so no big deal. Anyway, we told him what had happened, and he said something like, “You’ll have to clean outside other offices and maybe you’ll get donuts or cupcakes or something.”

So guess what happened during the next shift?

Two of us were cleaning one of the upper floors, and when we walked into this one big classroom area, they offered us cupcakes.

They had a couple of cookies and several cupcakes leftover from some birthday celebration, and they let us take them all. They didn’t want anymore sugar. So we brought cookies and cupcakes down to the office to share with our shift members.

The supervisor got a kick out of it, and one of the managers practically begged me to work this shift all the time.

It was a good night.

Today was a pretty good day.

Aside from getting free food, I also got a card from my mom, and a text from her telling me they’re coming to visit on Saturday!!! Apparently my sister and I both want new shoes, and they’re coming here to shop for shoes. YAY!

I really ought to be doing homework (after all, it’s due tomorrow morning), but… I had to tell you about my good day!