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I’ve forgotten to post what I’ve been reading for Bible the last few days. Oops.

I’ve been reading, really. I’ve just forgotten to share.

So after Ezekiel, for today, we had to read Ezra 1 & 2, Ruth, and Jonah, and a chapter in the book.

For Thursday, though technically I guess it’s really next Tuesday because we don’t have class on Thursday, we have to read Esther and Daniel 7-12. And a chapter in the book.

AND we have to study for Tuesday’s test. So that’ll be fun. And then a week from Thursday we’ll start on the New Testament, which is not nearly as many years of history.

I have a test on Thursday in my least-favorite class.

I have to film and edit a video for Media. I’m still not entirely sure what my video will be on. I had an idea, but after hearing ideas in class today, I might be changing my mind. Ack.

I don’t wanna do any more homework.

I kind of just want to be done with school.

I need to do laundry tomorrow.

And I think I need to go to bed now.

Oh, my mom’s having surgery on Thursday. Nothing bad happened, it’s just a thing that she’s been thinking about having done for a while that she’s finally decided it’s time to do. But still. Surgery always worries me. So if you could maybe pray for my mom and the surgeons, that would be cool.