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There’s this guy here on campus who is incredibly interesting.

I don’t mean that in a mean way, nor do I mean that I’ve had a conversation with him.

I mean that I observe him in chapel.

Because he’s kinda hard to miss.

He’s always dancing.

Always moving his hands, a lot of the time as if he’s painting an invisible picture.

I’m not sure if he’s autistic or something, or just really really really secure.

Either way, it’s both interesting and slightly strange.

And also kind of inspiring.

Do you know anyone like that?

I’ve spent the last two or more hours studying for my Bible test tomorrow.

By studying I mean writing down information from each slide so that it sticks in my head better.

And listening to A Very Potter Musical.

And trying to be able to place things on a map of the Middle East.

And eating peanut butter.

I’m not sure how well I’m going to do on this test, but I’m hoping I pass it at least. It’s worth 200 points. (So is the NT exam in December.)

At least there aren’t any essay questions. There are short-answer, but those shouldn’t be too difficult. The multiple choice should be fine. AND there are MATCHING questions. I haven’t had a test with matching questions since, like, elementary school. Best. Prof. Ever.

Speaking of multiple choice, my test this morning was ALL multiple choice. Took me five minutes. One of the easiest tests I’ve ever taken.

And procrastinating/freaking out paid off.

See, I have a video project due this week. I was going to check out equipment and film this weekend, but didn’t because I assumed the project was due Thursday. Plus I wasn’t entirely sure what to do mine on. Then last night I checked the syllabus and it said the project was due tomorrow, and I freaked. I literally used my own camera and filmed like half an hour of footage around campus this morning: my walk to class, squirrels, birds, leaves, the lake, some of chapel… And then after chapel I went to edit and found out from a classmate who was also editing that it’s not due til Thursday. I edited a lot of it and got it basically the way I want it, but I might tweak it tomorrow or Wednesday. The prof emailed and said tomorrow will mostly be “production” day, which I think means editing. Which is good.

Tonight we have someone spending the night. They might be up late tonight chatting. We’ll see.

I guess it was a good thing my sister started having people over randomly and with very short notice the last couple years, huh? Kinda prepared me for college, maybe?

Yeah. So.

I’m sick of studying. I can study some before class tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll retain it. And maybe I’ll have some extra time between classes…