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All right, so…

Almost three years ago, my best friend was killed in a car accident.

Her parents have forgiven the woman in the other car, who was drunk at the time.

They’ve become friends, and M’s parents fought to keep her from going to prison.

They’ve been counting the days to her release.

Today was that day.


That was M’s mom’s status today.

I’m right there with her.

I miss M.

I’m glad C is out.

I’m glad she’s asked for and received forgiveness.

I’m glad she’s shared her story.

I hope she and Momma get to share their story in more places, with more people.

I’ve actually started brainstorming a possible script-type thing for a movie.

I know that they’re writing a book together–which will be much easier to do after this morning! I can’t wait to read it–maybe they’ll ask for input? 😉

Anyhow, so this was an interesting day for that reason.

But also for other reasons.

This morning started with a tiny bit of stress.

I got up at 7:45, the usual. Got dressed, brushed my teeth. WHILE brushing my teeth, I realized I hadn’t yet uploaded something that needed to be uploaded by 8AM. I submitted it with about a minute and a half to spare.

Then I walked to class—bought a donut and milk on my way—and skimmed notes before my Bible test.

Can you believe that I forgot a book of the Old Testament? I had all of them except one. After the test I realized that one was Habakkuk. Oops. Oh well, one point lost out of 39 in that section. The test went pretty well aside from that. I skipped one question (worth nine points) because I couldn’t remember the information. I guessed on a few. The prof gave us two answers for free. If the majority of the class gets certain questions wrong, she’ll possibly drop them. Which is nice.

So I finished the test around 9:30, about half an hour before class is supposed to get done.

Found a spot to work on a little homework before class.

Ate a sandwich super-fast because I’d forgotten about lunch.

Went to class, where the prof read off names and said “Guess what, you get to leave for the day!” My name was on that list. I stuck around to pack up my stuff and listen to the rest of the names on the other lists, and as I got up to leave, the prof said, “Um… I didn’t read your name.”

Yes. You did. You said Rebecca, and then Rachel. I remember because that’s my name and my sister’s name. But I was confused because I haven’t turned in the fourth assignment yet.

So that was stupid. But I got the third assignment regraded and started on the fourth one, the one that was super-confusing a week or two ago. I think I know how to do it. I have to work on that tomorrow because the prof said to turn it in on Thursday. (Oh do we have a test Thursday? Probably.)

THEN I went to Media and listened to a “lecture” and left class early because it was a production day. I was going to edit, but all of the computers were being used, and the one I finally logged onto wouldn’t let me open the program. So I left early and called my mom. We talked about school, mostly. And her Bible Study, a little. Mostly school and how frustrating my school’s credit thing is. Ugh. My roomie and I looked at it last night and were very confused. I have to talk to the counselor later this week or early next week…

And then I went to work. Which was good. We start every shift with either a question or a game that helps us kind of get to know each other a little better. By now we all know each other all right, because it’s the same people every shift unless someone’s sick or something, but it’s still fun. Today we spent way too much extra time discussing and laughing. But it was good.

Today we did Two Truths and A Lie, which I once refused to play in Sunday school because it encourages lying. But I participated this time and one of my truths sparked a conversation. Then we went on the rest of the group (I was second), and learned some more interesting things about our supervisor. So. Awesome. He’s my new favorite boss. (Sorry, D!) He’s had such an interesting life! We decided that next week we’re going to get him to tell us even more. I suggested he write a book. (I’d buy it!!)

So work was good. We even got to leave a little bit early. So then I bought a sandwich and yogurt and came back to the apartment—in drizzly rain.

Been watching some TV and some YouTube videos and stuff.

Because I have nothing due tomorrow, and there are no readings up for class yet.

I’m currently watching Jay Leno. Because it’s on.

I think I might go to bed soon, even though it’s only about 11 pm…