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So today started out slightly stressful, but ended up being awesome.

I got my OT exam back, and wasn’t thrilled with my score, but I’ll take it. (About 77%. Disappointing, but it’s passing.)

Then I had a Comm class, which went all right—I turned in my assignment and had it graded before class was over (we have the best TA ever!), and we watched clips from Law & Order. 🙂

Then I went to media, in which we had a quiz that most of us probably failed and listened to an interesting and yet simultaneously boring lecture about what’s coming up in the class.

Also I got an email from the worship pastor at home about upcoming events at which they need help, and it kind of made me feel wanted. Even though it was probably a mass email, it still made me happy.

THEN my day REALLY started to get better.

I stayed after class to fix and upload my project, and as I was about to leave, my prof asked me my major and stuff (again. We went over this the first day of class. He must’ve forgotten.). So I explained to him that I was a Media Comm major, and am a junior, and that I transferred. He asked from where I transferred, and I told him and then brought up working on media stuff at church.

This is where it got awesome. And surprising.

He asked if I would be interested in an internship.

At a church in the area.

And not just any church, a megachurch.

A megachurch that has like five different campuses.

A megachurch that broadcasts their services to like a lot of people.

I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of megachurches simply because they’re giant and I grew up in a church where I knew almost everyone. But still. This would probably be an awesome opportunity!

I’ve told my mom, and that’s about it so far. She told me to get more info, like when and how long and whatever. So I’m going to ask the prof next week probably.

Anyway, after that awesome question, I killed a little time and went to work.

Work was good. It was fun, and we got done sort of early.

Then I came back to the apartment and killed some time before my roommate and I went to the RA’s room for brownies and cocoa.

Not very many people showed up, and I definitely stayed the longest—two hours.

The only other people I spend that much time with are youth leaders, really. So that was awesome.

We had an awesome conversation.

Best night yet here at school, I’d say.

No homework + brownies + amazing conversation = thank You, Jesus.

And then my roomies came back and the one was upset that she didn’t get brownies, so we made brownies. Or rather, brownie batter. Which is just as good, if not better than, actual brownies.

All in all, a really good night. Pretty good day in general.

I am content.

God is awesome.

I have almost nothing to do all weekend. I think I am going to sleep in and watch movies.