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I had another awesome conversation tonight.

With my roommate.

On our way back from getting Subway and some random groceries.

She asked how I’m liking school so far, since we’re a bit over halfway done with the semester.

I was honest, and got a bit emotional.

I said that it might’ve gone better if I’d come in as a freshman rather than a junior.

And a couple other things.

And she told me that from her perspective, I’ve done really well.

And I got more choked up.

And she gave me suggestions of things on campus to get involved in, and even offered to go with me to check out certain things if I wanted her to.

And when we got back to the apartment, she mentioned that I could go with her and her boyfriend to church on Sundays if I wanted.

So it’s been a pretty interesting night.

I’m glad that at least one roommate is willing to ask and encourage and suggest and not feel awkward when I start to cry. In other words, she understands. And we’re pretty similar.

I feel kind of badly for saying it, but I’m kind of looking forward to it being just the two of us next semester. Maybe we’ll talk even more. And maybe we’ll do more together. I don’t know. But I think next semester should go better than this one has.

I also got in contact with an old friend I haven’t talk to in a while. My mom and I were talking the other day and she mentioned this friend, who now lives about half an hour from where I am. So I got in touch with her the other day and we’ve decided that sometime, we need to get together and hang out and catch up.

Only problem is that neither of us has a car. (She uses the bus system and stuff.) But we’ll figure something out!

And my favorite coworker is coming this weekend and we’re going to hang out! I need to double check with her in a couple of days that she’s still coming, and figure out what we’re doing, but I’m excited.

And in a month, I get to go home for a few days.

I was slightly disappointed that my prof didn’t bring us treats today like she’d mentioned she might.

We’re having a pizza party eventually in my other class with her, which should be interesting.

I think I maybe need to go to bed…