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I haven’t posted much this week, have I?


I’ve been busy stressing over scheduling.

And I started stressing a little more tonight when my mom called me with a question about one of my classes at the community college that we thought would have fulfilled a requirement here that apparently didn’t, and…

It’s just stressful.

I emailed the transfer counselor and hopefully I’ll get a response back tomorrow.

This class is a prerequisite for one or two of the classes I’m hoping to take this spring, and my advisor said nothing about it yesterday. So I’m confused.

Oh, let’s start at the beginning of yesterday, shall we?

I slept in, because I didn’t have class or chapel.

I spent some time looking over classes again, and called my mom.

Then I went to my meeting.

I ended up waiting an extra half hour after my scheduled meeting time, because the Comm profs were in a meeting that went 30-45 minutes late. (“They are communicators…”)

So I had my meeting, and found out that contrary to what my roommate and I had believed, we are not allowed to take more than one course during Interim. Unless they add up to 5 credits.

We thought you could take two or three, provided you paid per extra credit.

But no.

You can’t.

Which is stupid, and stressed my roommate out because she was planning on taking two classes that she kind of needs to graduate over interim. And now she can’t.

So anyway, I got interim figured out, and sort of got Spring figured out.

But I came back to the apartment to map stuff out and talked to my mom for an hour (an hour) about scheduling. Two of the classes I was hoping to take overlap with another class that I have to take for my major.

So it’s stressful.

But I think that after my meeting with another advisor on Tuesday, things should be better.

But tonight at work was good. Sort of. I worked with a girl I haven’t worked with much before, and we had some good conversations.

We also watched two little kids push the door-open buttons so that they could better get their strollers inside the building. So cute.

And then we saw them a bit later when I was mopping an entryway. They thought that my mop bucket was cool, and then they kept asking their mom questions about me and mopping. It was adorable. 😀

Then a little while after I finished worked, my mom called.

So I’m still a little stressed, but I’m trying to let God handle it. Hopefully after Tuesday it will all be taken care of.

I have a test on Tuesday. Ugh. But I’m thankful it wasn’t today, because I wasn’t ready at all. Now I have more time to study.

And my friend is coming to visit on Saturday!! 🙂