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I’ve been in a weird mood this weekend.

First yesterday was weird because I missed my best friend.

Then I worked last night and that was fine. We got done two hours early AND the supervisor brought us ice cream at the beginning of the shift. So that was awesome.

And then today started off iffy, because I was super-excited to watch some home-church services, but they haven’t updated the site in almost a month. Disappointment.

And I miss M today, possibly more than yesterday.

And my roommate’s family came to visit because her sister has a school visit tomorrow. They invited me to go out to lunch with them, which was nice.

But it made me miss my family.

I want it to be Thanksgiving break now.

I hope I can make it another week and two/three days.

I’m so down today, and I don’t know why it’s so bad today. (It’s not PMS, I promise.)

I just want to lay down and cry and sleep, and I don’t know why, and it sucks.

Jesus, make it better?