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So, for as much as having A’s family visit the last 24 hours made me miss home…

I really like them.

They kind of remind me of my family.

Except that my sister would never come hang out with me, even if it meant she got out of school for it…

But anyway, they’re nice people, and I like them a lot after only spending a few hours with them.

I love when that happens.

And when they left here a little bit ago they mentioned that if I’d like to I can feel free to go with A to hang out with them whenever. Extra bedroom, two dogs… Sounds like something I might have to do maybe in the spring… 😉

Too bad they’re a four-hour drive from here, and almost six from my hometown. =\

But it would be kind of cool.

So yeah.

I like them a lot.

They’re nice people.

I wish we lived closer together, because I feel like they’re the kind of people I’d want to hang out with.


So my “Momma” (my best friend’s mom) just sent me this video, and I really can’t stop listening to it. It’s so great, and so true.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving break next week. Trying to figure out how and when I get to go home: no class Wednesday, but I work ’til 6 on Tuesday. I might have to wait ’til Wednesday morning to head home. My ideal idea is one of my parents leaving home after work and picking me up after work, but that probably won’t happen.

In any case, only two days of class next week.

Unless I don’t go to class on Monday. Which would require a lot of studying this week.

See, my prof is probably giving us the option of taking the test either Friday or Monday. Which would mean that whichever day you don’t take the test, you don’t come to class.

I’m debating on getting the test over with this week or having an extra few days to study. I kind of just want to get it over with… but having more study time would be good… So confusing. =\

But I really like the idea of having ALL of next Monday (except chapel) to work on homework (if I have any) and do some laundry and pack.

I dunno. What would you do?


I’m so excited for Thanksgiving break.

On Thanksgiving day, we’re going to one uncle’s house. My mom texted me the other day and asked if that sounded good. Yes, please! Especially if more of the family will be there. 😀 Normally we just do a small get-together at home, so going somewhere else will be a nice change.

It also means we might be skipping the Thanksgiving service at church that night. Um. Missing pie at church? Not sure about that. 😉

It all depends on what time we get there and leave, I guess. I could ask my mom, I suppose.

And then over next weekend, probably at church on Sunday, I’m getting some stuff from “Momma” to use in my Bible paper/project.

I’m so excited for Break, it’s not even really funny.

All right. I’m gonna go study and do homework now. Kind of.