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I had a meeting about registering this afternoon.

I feel a little better about classes.

I had to change my interim class because the one I was signed up for is one that I no longer need. So that’s changed, and I’ll have class in the morning instead of the afternoon, which is fine. I’ll have to get up by 7 or so, but that’s not that big of a deal.

Spring is going to be interesting. I’m trying to fit one more class into my schedule.


I’m super-excited to be home next week.

Can it just be Wednesday now?


I like this song. A lot.


I’ve been failing at posting chapel stuff lately, haven’t I? Oops.

I have notes from a lot of them. Maybe I’ll do a post of multiple lessons over the weekend or Thanksgiving break.


I also like this song:

And this one:

And, for my HP-fan friends (there are a couple of not-so-great words):

AND this one:


So that’s about it for me right now.

I have a two-hour break between classes tomorrow, which is nice. More time to do homework. I did almost nothing today, sadly. I read Galatians and 1&2 Thessalonians tonight. I need to read a chapter in the boring book. We’ll likely have a quiz tomorrow, since we didn’t have one yesterday…

So yeah. I’m ready to be done with school…