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I would just like it to be Tuesday night now please.

Specifically about 7pm Tuesday night, so that I can be on my way home with my daddy and my coworker.

I would also like all the drama around here to calm down.

Not going to go into detail, but if you’re a regular reader, you might know what’s up.

Also if you follow me on Twitter.

In slightly happier news, my Friday and Saturday were pretty good.

Friday night the three of us girls went to Breaking Dawn, which was interesting.


Would not recommend it, honestly. Will not be watching that one again. Ever.

Although my dad called me today and mentioned that he read an article about how this woman wants all teenage girls to see one particular scene, to kind of scare them away from pregnancy. 😛

But it was nice to get out of the apartment and do something sort of fun for the night.

Last night I went to my friend L’s apartment to watch Pride and Prejudice with L and her roommates.

L & I had a funny text conversation before I went over.

She’d mentioned that they were maybe going to watch a movie, and that she’d like me to come watch with them.

I said that sounded good.

She didn’t say anything for nearly an hour, so my roommate (A) told me I should maybe just text L and see. So I did.

And L said, “I’ll let you know when my roomies are done talking to their bfs.”

And I said, “Haha. A’s is here, and C is with hers.”

And L said, “All the single ladies. All the single ladies.”

I laughed. A asked me what was up, and I shared the text. We thought it was great.

And a little while later L texted that I could come on over, so I did. I walked through the semi-fresh snow (snow. Before Thanksgiving.) on the ground to her building (like ten feet) and when I got to their apartment was greeted with, “How do you feel about the movie Pride & Prejudice?”

And that was about it. We watched, we chatted, we giggled, and a little bit before midnight I left and went to bed.

And today has been a watch-TV-and-try-to-study day.

I forgot that our church has Thanksgiving service on Sunday night instead of Wednesday or Thursday, so I missed that. 😦

I have a test tomorrow, and one on Tuesday. I am not ready for either.

I have been going over my notes for tomorrow’s test, and even went so far as to rewrite my notes in hopes they would stick better. So far, not really working.

Also by Tuesday I have to read Romans and 1 Corinthians and take some notes on both, as well as reading a chapter or something in the boring book.

And on Tuesday during Media class we start 15-minute productions run by students in the class. Sometime tomorrow I need the prof to run through what I have to do, because even though we practiced some of it in classes, he did not have me practice the station I’m running first. Ugh. Also my partner and I need to start working on our production. Even though we’re the last show… But still, our show is two weeks after Thanksgiving, so having this figured out ASAP would be nice.

And tomorrow I will be doing laundry and dishes and packing.

I have a lot to do in the next two days, plus a bit of homework over Thanksgiving break.

It’s supposed to be a BREAK, not a time to work on more homework. 😦

At least I won’t have much homework for the two classes in which I have tests… Although I’m going to start working on the outline for my final paper in the one. Also this week I need to get stuff from Momma about M to use for my final paper in Bible. I’m really excited to put this together!

So I’ll be busy the next two days. =\

And I’ll be with family for most of Thursday, but I might bring my laptop with me for during downtime…

Anyway. That’s my rant for the day. I need to try to do some more studying and then go to bed.