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By this time tomorrow, I’ll be at home.

Possibly going to bed, haha.

I’m so excited for 6:30 tomorrow night.

I didn’t fail my test this morning. I didn’t ace it either, but I passed!

Now I just have to worry about tomorrow’s stuff. Ugh.

I get to start my day with s good point, though: my Bible prof is bringing us all bagels for breakfast. 🙂

Then we’ll have class and then I’ll have a break, during which I will eat and study. Then I’ll take my test, and have a break until my last class of the day, during which we will run through a 15-minute production probably twice. Then I will hang out until work, and I will work until 6, and soon after that I will on my way home!!


My sister started a new job today, and she doesn’t have to work Thanksgiving or Black Friday or this Saturday. That’s exciting. She can come with us to family stuff on Thursday. 🙂

My grandma is coming with us to the one uncle’s house. I assumed that would happen, but I double-checked it with my mom the other day. Grandma almost always rides/goes with us to things.

My mom will be in a hospital all of tomorrow and Wednesday for tests. If you think of it in the next couple of days, pray?

Also L’s grandma isn’t doing all that great. Pray for her family, too, if you would?


I’m so glad it’s Thanksgiving break…