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If I get both of my papers done by, say, Tuesday the 13th as opposed to Thursday the 15th, and can find someone to cover work that Thursday…

I can go home after work Tuesday!!!!

Provided my dad can come get me, or someone will give me a ride.

I was already going to watch the movie for the one class (our last paper is answering questions on a movie; the final is during class on the 9th) this week or next weekend.

But that means I have to write a 7-10 page paper in… a week. We’ll get the outlines back on Tuesday and then I want to turn it in on the next Tuesday. Is that doable? Probably.

On top of the other homework I have.

But my finals are on Tuesday, and I’ll work Tuesday afternoon/evening.

There’s no point in me staying after Tuesday if my finals are Tuesday and I can turn my papers in on Tuesday as well.

Except work, but hopefully someone will take my shift.

L isn’t going home until Friday.

M (coworker) asked for someone to take her Wed/Thurs shifts. I’m not sure if that means she’s going home Tuesday, or if she just wants those six hours to study more, but I’m kind of guessing she wants to go home.

If I can finish these two papers by Tuesday the 13th…

I should be able to, because the movie one I’ll write while I watch the movie, and the earlier I watch the movie the earlier the paper will get done. There’s extra credit, too, that I will probably do because as of whenever grades were last updated, I have less than 70% in that particular class.

I’m almost afraid to look at my grades in the other three classes.

But I’m going to.

Bible I have almost 80%, so that’s okay.

The other Comm class, I have almost 90%, which is surprising.

Media I have 83%. Also surprising.

So I’m doing okay, I guess. I’m not too worried anymore. As long as I keep up with the rest of my homework (which at this point isn’t much since we only have five days of classes left).

I’m super-excited to get to be home in two weeks. Two weeks from tomorrow, actually, we will be at our family Christmas party. šŸ™‚

Five more days of classes, and then finals.

I can do this.

My Christmas shopping is done, I have five (er, I guess seven?) days of school left, and I get to go home earlier than I thought. This is a good thing. šŸ˜€

Have you gotten any good news recently?