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About 15 minutes ago, I got a random text message from my sister.

Her: Are you okay with pink?
Me: Yeah, usually.
Her: Okay. Just wondering, ha 🙂

It was so random, and for a moment I thought she’d meant to text someone else.

But obviously she meant to text me.

And now I’m thinking that my Christmas gift is going to involve the color pink.

Which is fine, I don’t hate pink.

I just don’t have a whole lot in my life that is pink, unless you count random splashes of it on my clothing and stuff. But I don’t think I have anything that is completely pink.

That doesn’t mean I won’t appreciate a pink gift, though.

But it got me thinking.

My sister and I rarely talk.

I think this text was the first time we’ve talked in about a week.

So today I am thankful for…

Random text messages from my sister. 🙂

days of thanks

How about you?

Oh, and I did get my mom’s Christmas gift yesterday. I’m planning on getting something small for L, K, H, S, and V, as well as probably my Media Team (from the home church) friend and his wife who’ve both been praying for me.

I was going to do laundry today, but only one of the two washing machines is working, and there were already two baskets in there that appeared to be waiting to use the machine. I’ll check again later and see what’s up, but I might have to wait until tomorrow.

Unless I borrow a different floor’s laundry room… =\