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I got my laundry done and then went to the mall with my roommates ans wandered. And now we’re watching Harry Potter and eating Chinese food. Well, finished eating Chinese food.

I watched the movie I need to watch for my final exam/paper. Now I need to answer the questions on it. I was surprised to see that it was rated R, and was leery of it at first, but I had to watch it, right? But I was pleasantly surprised:

story of us

I mean, you know… I was paranoid that the other people in the building could hear the movie (my headphones don’t work anymore), but aside from that, pretty good movie. I can see why the prof chose it.

Now I just have to answer questions about it and turn that in and I’ll be done with that final. A week early.

Tomorrow I will get my (crappy) outline back and begin typing my 7-10 page paper (that will probably not be 7-10 pages; just guessing). Hopefully I will turn that in next Tuesday instead of next Thursday.

My final for Bible (on the new Testament) is a week from tomorrow, and I don’t think I am prepared at all. I’ve looked at the study guide, but that’s about it. My final paper, due Thursday, will be turned in possibly tomorrow, if she lets me. I was going to add a song to the powerpoint, but didn’t want to go through the hassle of making it work, so it’s just text. The paper itself is about 700 words short of the minimum, but the powerpoint makes up for that by putting the whole project at almost 300 words over the maximum number. Oops. I just couldn’t get myself to cut any more of it. =\

As far as Media is concerned, I’ve kind of checked out. I don’t care. I have two days left, and I’m supposed to be helping be in charge on Thursday, but I really don’t want to. My partner is doing most of the work, and I am strongly considering emailing the prof and telling him that my partner deserves most of the points on this thing, because I have done pretty much nothing. I have no motivation for this particular project right now, with everything else I have to finish. =\

Stupid Comm homework. I was going to do it over the weekend, but forgot about it. I have to redo it by tomorrow. I thought it did it correctly the first time, but apparently not? Ugh. I just want to be finished with it.

Nobody’s responded to my email about taking my Thursday shift so that I can go home earlier in the week. C’mon, guys.

That’s it for complaining.

days of thanks

I am thankful for time with roommates, however random and awkward it might have been.

And I am thankful for God, and my faith/beliefs.

This morning in chapel R spoke about how God is our Everlasting Father, and how that can be a hard thing for some people to grasp, especially if their fathers were abusive or absent.

I have been blessed with a wonderful father who loves me and, even though I sometimes disappoint and anger him, rarely raises his voice and never physically hurts me.

I am able to accept God as Father relatively easily because of my relationship with my own father.

But sometimes I fail and disappoint, and I know it.

And still He loves me.

And I am so thankful for that.