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So on each shift at work we have at least one question of the day.

Tonight we had three, really.

The one that got me tonight was about fears, or things we don’t like.

I thought I’d share my list with you and see if you have any similar fears/dislikes.

So, in no particular order, my fears/major dislikes are:

public speaking

One. I absolutely hate public speaking. My mom kind of forced me into Speech (an extra-curricular) when I was in junior high. I think I was in eighth grade? Anyway, I did it, and got a few ribbons for it. But I hated it. It did not alleviate my fear of public speaking. If anything, it almost worsened it. I had to take a Speech class my senior year of high school and that was a little easier, but only because it was a small class of people I knew and not a group of people I didn’t know.
Sidenote: Did you know there’s something called fast talk in debates?

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Two. Not all bugs/insects, but the creepy-crawly spider-looking ones. I just… ick.
One time, I was watching TV on the one side of our basement (the side that has the bathroom and my dad’s closet and not the main living space. The side opposite where I slept last year.) and saw a spider. Like, a big spider. And I flipped out. I went to get a Kleenex or something to kill it, and when I got back to the room, it was gone. And I could not focus on anything other than that spider for the rest of the night. I was so paranoid that I went to the other side of the basement to watch TV.
True story.

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roller coasters

Three. I cannot stand roller coasters. I’ve been on a few, but always feel yucky after. I can’t even go over hills really fast in a car without feeling nauseous, so roller coasters are out from now on.

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giving orders

Four. I do not like being in charge and giving orders. I would much rather be behind the scenes, told what to do. I loved working screen at church because I knew what was expected of me and I didn’t have to tell anyone else to do anything other than letting them know if I had a video or when the next powerpoint slide was coming up.
I miss screen so much.

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Five. This is sort of hard to explain. I’m not exactly afraid of drowning, more like the potential for it. In swimming lessons, I dreaded the front crawl and the breast stroke, because they required my head be at least partly under water. I cannot stand that. I cannot stand being in the deep end, or in open water where I cannot touch the bottom. That’s probably part of the reason I don’t go swimming much. If there’s a ledge/edge of a pool nearby, I’m okay. But if there’s nothing to hold onto and I have to just tread water to keep my head above water, I’m not okay.

There may have been another thing I’m afraid of, but I can’t remember.

The other fears shared at work included:

your favorite sports team losing

Yeah. They’re kind of odd.

In happy news (that I forgot to mention in my previous post tonight), I got mail today!

I got a card from my mom, and a packet of hot chocolate and a note from my RA.

Along with a note from the school about books. That’s exciting.

I was so. excited. to see my mailbox kind of full today. I rarely get anything from anyone other than the school, so having two things not from the school itself was super exciting. 🙂