I want to be home.

I wanted to fall asleep last night and wake up next Thursday.

I don’t want to go to Media today.

I don’t exactly want to take a final tomorrow.

I want to be finished writing papers.

I want to be finished with finals and just relax and pack and clean.

Jesus, You’re the Author of Time.

Can’t You speed things up a bit?

I know, I know: If I always got this wish for jumping ahead in time granted, I wouldn’t learn some of the important stuff.

Then can I at least skip Media today?

I haven’t done much of anything for this project, aside from filming a lame “commercial” and emailing my partner a million questions.

I feel sick just thinking about this.

I wish I was legitimately sick so I had a reason to skip.

Except that I have a paper due, and I need my outline back from my other prof.

Ugh. This is so annoying.

Twelve thirty until 2:15 is not going to go well.